Title: 3D Stellar Evolution
Volume: 293 Year: 2003 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Turcotte, Sylvain; Keller, Stefan C.; Cavallo, Robert M.
ISBN: 1-58381-140-0 eISBN: 978-1-58381-628-8
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Paper Title Page Authors
Djehuty, a code for modeling stars in three dimensions 1 Bazán, G.; Dearborn, D. S. P.; Dossa, D. D.; Eggleton, P. P.; Taylor, A.; Castor, J. I.; Murray, S.; Cook, K. H.; Eltgroth, P. G.; Cavallo, R. M.; Turcotte, S.; Keller, S. C.; Pudliner, B. S.
Prospects for Djehuty 15 Eggleton, P. P.; Bazán, G.; Cavallo, R. M.; Dearborn, D. S. P.; Dossa, D. D.; Keller, S. C.; Taylor, A. G.; Turcotte, S.
The FLASH code: from design to applications 22 Plewa, T.
A Fictitious Cartesian Grid Technique for the Simulation of 3D Meridional Circulation in Stars 25 Talon, S.; Michaud, G.; Vincent, A.
A New Model for Penetrative Convection in the Anelastic Approximation 34 Rogers, T. M.; Glatzmaier, G. A.; Woosley, S. E.
Nuclear Reaction Networks Ready to Use in 3D Stellar Evolution 41 Straka, C. M.
3-D Simulations of Turbulent Compressible Stellar Convection 45 Woodward, P. R.; Porter, D. H.; Jacobs, M.
Hydrodynamical Simulations of Convection Using 2D VULCAN 64 Asida, S. M.
Portent of Heine's Reciprocal Square Root Identity 70 Cohl, H. S.
Contact Binaries 76 Webbink, R. F.
Quasistatic Evolution of Binary Neutron Star Systems Before Merging 88 Eriguchi, Y.; Usui, F.
Magnetic Dynamos in Common-Envelope Evolution 100 Tout, C. A.; Regos, E.
Mass Transfer in Eccentric Binary Stars 110 Regos, E.; Bailey, V. C.; Mardling, R.
Images of Active Mass Transfer in Direct Impact Close Binary Systems 120 Richards, M. T.
Perturbations to Stellar Structure in 2D: Stellar Rotation and Heating in X-ray Binaries 125 Eldridge, J. J.; Garaud, P.; Tout, C. A.
Solar Turbulence and Magnetism Studied Within a Rotating Convective Spherical Shell 134 Brun, A. S.; Toomre, J.
3D Anelastic Simulations of Convection in Massive Stars 147 Kuhlen, M.; Woosley, W. E.; Glatzmaier, G. A.
Boundary Conditions on Stellar Convection 157 Young, P. A.; Knierman, K. A.; Rigby, J. R.; Arnett, D.
Numerical Study of Rotating Convection 168 Chan, K. L.
Enabling Progress on AGB Star Evolution and Nucleosynthesis 180 Lattanzio, J.
On the Controversy over the Oxygen Abundances of the Oldest Stars 190 Kraft, R. P.
Radiative Transfer in 3D Model Stellar Atmospheres 197 Asplund, M.; Collet, R.
Radiative Transfer with Very Few Wavelengths 209 Trampedach, R.; Asplund, M.
What does the Unexpected Detection of Water Vapor in Arcturus' Atmosphere Tell us? 214 Ryde, N.; Lambert, D. L.; Richter, M. J.; Lacy, J. H.; Greathouse, T. K.
Radiative Hydrodynamical Simulations of Granulation in the Sun at Different Stages Along the Evolutionary Track 221 Robinson, F. J.; Demarque, P.; Li, L. H.; Sofia, S.; Kim, Y.-C.; Guenther, D. B.
Simulations of Near-Surface Solar Magnetoconvection Within Localized Spherical Segments 229 Derosa, M. L.; Hurlburt, N. E.
Stellar surface differential rotation from Doppler imaging 235 Collier Cameron, A.
On the Internal Rotation of Early-Type Stars: Do they have rapidly rotating core? 246 Yildiz, M.
Helioseismic Estimates of Solar Structure and Dynamics 250 Basu, S.; Antia, H. M.
Constraints on Stellar Interior Physics from Oscillations 262 Dziembowski, W. A.
The Search for the Solar Core Dynamics with SoHO/GOLF 276 Couvidat, S.; Turck-Chieze, S.; Gracia, R. A.; Corbard, T.
Bump Cepheids and the Stellar Mass-Luminosity Relation 285 Keller, S. C.; Wood, P. R.
The Inherent Asymmetry of Core-Collapse Supernovae 290 Blondin, J. M.
Angular Momentum Transport During Type I X-Ray Bursts 298 Cumming, A.
Explosive Instability of Prominence Flux Ropes 306 Hurricane, O. A.; Fong, B. H. L.; Cowley, S. C.
The He flash in Ultra Metal-Poor Low-Mass Stars 314 Schlattl, H.; Salaris, M.; Cassisi, S.; Weiss, A.
Relativistic Jets from Collapsars: Gamma-Ray Bursts 321 Zhang, W.; Woosley, S. E.
Investigations of Pointwise Ignition of Helium Deflagrations on Neutron Stars 329 Zingale, M.; Woosley, S. E.; Cumming, A.; Calder, A.; Dursi, L. J.; Fryxell, B.; Olson, K.; Ricker, P.; Rosner, R.; Timmes, F. X.