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Paper: The Inherent Asymmetry of Core-Collapse Supernovae
Volume: 293, 3D Stellar Evolution
Page: 290
Authors: Blondin, J. M.
Abstract: Even under idealized conditions of spherical infall, the shock wave generated in the canonical core-collapse model for Type II supernovae does not remain spherical. We examine the inherent asymmetry of the stalled shock wave in core-collapse supernovae using an idealized model of a standing accretion shock. We show that although this model is stable to radial perturbations, non-radial modes can grow due to a feedback between turbulence in the postshock gas and the nominally spherical shock front. The result is an expanding, aspherical blastwave with postshock flow dominated by low-order modes with wavelengths of order the shock radius. We present three-dimensional hydrodynamic simulations of this standing accretion shock model that illustrate the dynamical effects of the postshock turbulence.
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