Title: The Astrophysics of Cataclysmic Variables and Related Objects
Volume: 330 Year: 2005 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Hameury, Jean-Marie; Lasota, Jean-Pierre
ISBN: 1-58381-193-1 eISBN: 978-1-58381-264-8
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Paper Title Page Authors
Part 1.
Evolution and Structure
Observational Population Studies of Cataclysmic Variables - The Golden Era of Surveys 3 Gansicke, B.T.
Thermal-timescale Mass Transfer and Evolved Donor Stars in CVs 17 Kolb, U.; Willems, B.
AM CVn Stars 27 Nelemans, G.
Faint X-ray Sources in Globular Clusters in the XMM-Newton and Chandra Era 41 Webb, N.A.; Barret, D.
Mid-infrared Emission from Cataclysmic Variables 55 Dubus, G.; Campbell, R.; Kern, B.; Taam, R.E.; Spruit, H.C.
Irradiation-driven Mass Transfer Cycles in Compact Binaries 61 Buning, A.; Ritter, H.
Infrared Observations of Cataclysmic Variables: A Brief Review and Three New Questions 67 Howell, S.B.
NLTE Spectral Analysis of Accretion Discs in Ultracompact X-ray Binaries 73 Nagel, T.; Hammer, N.J.; Rauch, T.; Werner, K.; Dreizler, S.
Part 2.
Observations of Outflows in Cataclysmic Variables 81 Froning, C.S.
Jets and Outflows in Microquasars 91 Blundell, K.M.
Theory of Outflows in Cataclysmic Variables 103 Proga, D.
Why There are No Jets From Cataclysmic Variable Stars 117 Lasota, J.-P.; Soker, N.
Part 3.
Magnetic Systems
The Highs and Lows of It: Magnetic Accretion at All Rates 125 Schmidt, G.D.
A Model for Low Accretion Rate Polars 137 Webbink, R.F.; Wickramasinghe, D.T.
Recent Advances in X-ray Observations of Cataclysmic Variables 147 Mukai, K.
Far-ultraviolet Spectroscopy of a Group of Polars in a Low State 159 Araujo-Betancor, S.
What Can XMM-Newton Tell Us About the Spin Periods of Intermediate Polars? 165 Evans, P.A.; Hellier, C.
Outbursts of WZ Sagittae 171 Matthews, O.M.; Truss, M.R.; Wynn, G.A.; Speith, R.
The Structure and Origin of Magnetic Fields on Accreting White Dwarfs 177 Reinsch, K.; Euchner, F.; Beuermann, K.; Jordan, S.; Gansicke, B.T.
Part 4.
Discs and Boundary Layers
Numerical Simulations of the MRI and Real Disks 185 Balbus, S.A.
The Spreading Layer and Dwarf Nova Oscillations 197 Piro, A.L.; Bildsten, L.
Predictions of the Disc Instability Model 207 Schreiber, M.R.; Hameury, J.-M.; Lasota, J.-P.
Stream/disc Interactions in Tidally Unstable CVs 213 Truss, M.
X-ray Heated Black Hole Accretion Discs 219 Wickramasinghe, D.; Hubeny, I.
Part 5.
Short Time Scale Variability
DNOs and QPOs in Cataclysmic Variables 227 Warner, B.; Woudt, P.A.
Correlated X-ray and Optical Variability in X-ray Binaries 237 Hynes, R.I.
Seismology of Accreting White Dwarfs 251 Arras, P.; Townsley, D.; Bildsten, L.
Chandra X-ray Observations of WZ Sge in Superoutburst 257 Wheatley, P.J.; Mauche. C.W.
Part 6.
The Primary: Nuclear Processes, Thermal Evolution
Classical Nova Explosions 265 Hernanz, M.
The Progenitors of Type Ia Supernova 279 Tout, C.A.
A New Kind of Nova 293 Sokoloski, J.L.; Kenyon, S.J.; Kong, A.K.H.; Espey, B.R.; McCandliss, S.R.; Keyes, C.D.; Li, W.; Filippenko, A.V.; Aufdenberg, J.; Brocksopp, C.; Kaiser, C.R.; Charles, P.A.; Stone, R.P.S.
Modeling CHANDRA Low Energy Transmission Grating Spectrometer Observations of Classical Novae with PHOENIX 299 Petz, A.; Hauschildt, P.H.; Ness, J.-U.; Starrfield, S.
White Dwarfs Undergoing Hydrogen Shell Burning in Single Degenerate Binary Systems 305 Orio, M.; Rauch, T.; Tepedelenlioglu, E.; Leibowitz, E.
Helium Shell Flash Object V445 Puppis and Mass Loss During Helium Novae 311 Kato, M.
A High Nova Rate for Two Local Group Dwarf Galaxies: M32 and NGC 205 317 Shara, M.M.; Neill, J.D.
Part 7.
The Discovery of Non-radially Pulsating White Dwarfs in Cataclysmic Variables from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey 325 Woudt, P.A.; Warner, B.; Pretorius, M.L.; Dale, D.
Time-resolved Observations of the Short Period CV SDSS J123813.73-033933.0 327 Zharikov, S.V.; Tovmassian, G.H.; Neustroev, V.; Michel, R.; Napiwotzki, R.
ULTRACAM Observations of the Braking Rate of the Pre-CV NN Ser 329 Brinkworth, C.S.; Marsh, T.R.; Dhillon, V.S.; Feline, W.J.
Geometrical Constraints upon the Unipolar Model of V407 Vul and RX J0806.3+1527 331 Barros, S.C.C.; Marsh, T.R.; Groot, P.; Roelofs, G.; Nelemans, G.; Ramsay, G.; Steeghs, D.
Modelling C/O/Ne Dominated Accretion Discs in Ultra-compact X-ray Binaries 333 Hammer, N.J.; Kusterer, D.-J.; Nagel, T.; Rauch, T.; Werner, K.; Dreizler, S.
The Role of the SW Sextantis Stars in the Picture of CV Evolution 335 Rodriguez-Gil, P.
Loss of Angular Momentum From a Binary Star by Stellar Wind 337 Matsuda, T.; Begum, J.; Oka, K.; Hachisu, I.; Boffin, H.M.J.
Fragmented Magnetized Mass Transfer in Cataclysmic Variables: AE Aquarii a Trial Case 339 Meintjes, P.J.
AE Aquarii Emission Processes from Radio to Infrared 341 Abada-Simon, M.; Casares, J.; Evans, A.; Eyres, R.; Fender, R.; Garrington, S.; de Jager, O.C.; Kuno, N.; Martinez-Pais, I.G.; de Martino, D.; Matsuo, H.; Mouchet, M.; Pooley, G.; Ramsay, G.; Salama, A.; Schulz, B.
On the Cycles in the Long-term Activity of V Sge 343 Simon, V.; Mattei, J.A.
Analysis of the Periodic Variability of the X-ray Nova V616 Mon 345 Bulavinova, O.S.; Shugarov, S.Yu.
Analysis of the Periodic Variability of the X-ray Nova V404 Cyg 347 Bulavinova, O.S.; Chmyreva, E.; Shugarov, S.Yu.
Hysteresis in the Transition Between Hard and Soft Spectral States of Low-mass X-ray Binaries 349 Meyer-Hofmeister, E.; Liu, B.F.; Meyer, F.
FUSE Observations of the Dwarf Nova EM Cygni 351 Welsh, W.F.; Froning, C.S.; Marsh, T.R.; Robinson, E.L.; Wood, J.H.
Variations of the Recurrence Time of Outbursts in Soft X-ray Transients and Dwarf Novae 353 Simon, V.
Chandra HETG Spectra of SS Cyg and U Gem in Quiescence and Outburst 355 Mauche, C.W.; Wheatley, P.J.; Long, K.S.; Raymond, J.C.; Szkody, P.
FUSE Spectroscopy of U Gem in Quiescence 357 Long, K.S.; Brammer, G.
Fourier Analysis of EX Draconis High-speed Photometry 359 Giannakis, O.; Harlaftis, E.T.; Papadimitriou, C.; Niarchos, P.G.; Gazeas, K.; Manimanis, V.; Steeghs, D.; Boffin, H.
Searching for Observed Distribution of Flickering Flare Duration in T CrB 361 Dobrotka, A.; Hric, L.; Mikus, M.
V1493 Aql -- Searching for Periodicity 363 Dobrotka, A.; Retter, A.; Hric, L.; Novak, R.
Multicolor Eclipse Mapping of the Peculiar Dwarf Nova V4140 Sgr 365 Borges, B.W.; Baptista, R.
Eclipse Mapping of the Stream and Disk Flickering Components in V2051 Oph 367 Baptista, R.; Bortoletto, A.
An IR Study of the Eclipsing Dwarf Nova IP Pegasi 369 Ribeiro, T.; Baptista, R.; Harlaftis, E.T.; Rutten, R.G.M.; Dhillon, V.S.
HST Spectral Mapping of V2051 Ophiuchi in a Low State 371 Saito, R.K.; Baptista, R.
Simultaneous Doppler Maps of IP Peg in Outburst 373 Papadaki, C.; Boffin, H.M.J.; Steeghs, D.
Changes in the Structure of the Accretion Disc of V2051 Ophiuchi Through the Outburst Cycle 375 Santos, R.F.; Baptista, R.; Faundez-Abans, M.
Long Term Monitoring of WZ Sge in Quiescence 377 Kitsionas, S.; Giannakis, O.; Harlaftis, E.; Boffin, H.; Skidmore, W.; Gansicke, B.; Papadimitriou, C.
SU UMa-type Dwarf Nova V1504 Cygni During Several Supercycles 379 Antonyuk, O.I.; Pavlenko, E.P.
The 2003-2004 Superoutburst of SDSS J013701.06-091234.9 381 Imada, A.; Ishioka, R.; Nogami, D.; Uemura, M.; Kato, T.; VSNET Collaboration Team
A New Type of Spiral Waves in Accretion Discs 383 Bisikalo, D.V.; Boyarchuk, A.A.; Kaigorodov, P.V.; Kuznetsov, O.A.; Matsuda, T.
A Movie of the Accretion Disk of Dwarf Nova Ex Draconis 385 Giannakis, O.; Harlaftis, E.T.; Papadimitriou, C.; Niarchos, P.G.; Gazeas, K.; Manimanis, V.; Steeghs, D.; Boffin, H.
Luminosity Oscillations in Accretion Discs Around Compact Objects 387 Teresi, V.; Molteni, D.; Toscano, E.
SPH Simulations of the 2:1 Resonance in Accretion Disks 389 Kunze, S.; Speith, R.
Accretion Disc Models in Quiescence and Outburst 391 Kellermann, T.; Nagel, T.; Hammer, N.J.; Werner, K.
Detection of Two-armed Spiral Shocks on the Accretion Disk of V1494 Aql 393 Hachisu, I.; Kato, M.; Kato, T.
Spiral shocks and Doppler tomography of the eclipsing CVs EX Dra and V347 Pup 395 Papadimitriou, C.J.; Harlaftis, E.T.; Steeghs, D.; Niarchos, P.G.
Simulation of Hα Doppler Tomogram of AE Aquarii 397 Ikhsanov, N.R.; Neustroev, V.V.; Beskrovnaya, N.G.
Roche Tomography of AE Aquarii 399 Dunford, A.; Smith, R.C.
The Long Period Intermediate Polar RXJ1548-4528 401 de Martino, D.; Mouchet, M.; Bonnet-Bidaud, J.M.; Haberl, F.; Gansicke, B.T.
XMM-Newton Confirmation of the Intermediate Polar HTCam 403 de Martino, D.; Matt, G.; Mukai, K.; Bonnet-Bidaud, J.M.; Gansicke, B.T.; Haberl, F.; Mouchet, M.
Outbursts of the Intermediate Polar TV Col 405 Hudec, R.; Simon, V.; Skalicky, J.
Four-Component Model of the Auto-Correlation Function of AM Her Based on a CHANDRA Observation 407 Andronov, I.L.; Burwitz, V.; Reinsch, K.; Barwig, H.; Chinarova, L.L.; Kolesnikov, S.V.; Shakhovskoy, N.M.; Hambaryan, V.; Beuermann, K.; Yukhanov, D.A.
Outbursts of IPs and Related Systems 409 Ishioka, R.; Kato, T.; Imada, A.; Uemura, M.; VSNET Collaboration Team
Modelling of Low-Accretion Rate Polars 411 Ferrario, L.; Wickramasinghe, D.T.; Schmidt, G.D.
A New Deep Eclipsing Polar SDSS J015543.40+002807.2 413 Katysheva, N.A.; Shugarov, S.Yu.
Heterogeneous Magnetosphere of Collapsing Star 415 Kryvdyk, V.; Agapitov, A.
Two low states of VV Pup 417 Mason, E.; Howell, S.B.; Wickramasinghe, D.; Szkody, P.
Doppler Tomography of Magnetic CVs V795 Her and AM Her 419 Papadimitriou, C.J.; Harlaftis, E.T.
V1500 Cyg: Three Laboratories in One System 421 Pavlenko, E.P.; Shugarov, S.Yu.
Photo-polarimetric Observations of the New Eclipsing Polar CTCV J1928-5001 423 Potter, S.B.; Augusteijn, T.; Tappert, C.
Periodicities in X-ray and Optical Polarization of V1432 Aquilae: An Asynchronous Polar 425 Singh, K.P.; Rana, V.R.; Barrett, P.E.; Buckley, D.A.H.
X-ray Spectral Characteristics of V1432 Aquilae: An Unusual Hot Polar 427 Rana, V.R.; Singh, K.P.; Barrett, P.E.
An Eclipsing Geometry for the Polar QS Tel 429 Romero-Colmenero, E.; Potter, S.B.; Buckley, D.A.H.
CCD Photometry of V2275 Cygni (N Cyg 2001 No.2) in 2002-2003 431 Balman, S.; Yilmaz, A.; Retter, A.; Saygac, T.; Esenoglu, H.
Discovery of Localized Non-thermal X-ray Emission from the Nova Remnant of GK Persei (1901) 433 Balman, S.
The Early Spectral Evolution of Nova Sgr 2004 435 Ederoclite, A.; Mason, E.; Della Valle, M.; Gilmozzi, R.; Williams, R.E.
A Photometric and Spectroscopic Study of HR Del 437 Friedjung, M.; Bruch, A.; Voloshina, I.; Zouag, K.; Dennefeld, M.; Muratorio G.
The Slow Nova V475 Sct (Nova Scuti 2003) - Ejected Envelope and Variability 439 Chochol, D.; Katysheva, N.A.; Pribulla, T.; Shugarov, S.Yu.; Skoda, P.; Slechta, M.; Volkov, I.M.
Spectroscopic Observations of V445 Puppis in the Early Decline Stage 441 Iijima, T.
The Turn-off of Classical Novae Observed Through X-rays: Models versus ROSAT Observations of V1974 Cyg 443 Sala, G.; Hernanz, M.
The UV and Optical Properties of Old Novae 445 Selvelli, P.; Gilmozzi, R.
XMM-Newton Observations of Recent Galactic Novae 447 Hernanz, M.; Sala, G.
Discovery and Photometry of 8 Novae in the M31 Galaxy in 2002 - 2004 449 Simon, V.; Hornoch, K.; Kusnirak, P.; Sarounova, L.; Wolf, M.
Spectroscopy and Near-Infrared Photometry of the Helium Nova V445 Puppis 451 Woudt, P.A.; Steeghs, D.
Symbiotic System AG Dra - Photometric and Spectroscopic Behaviour of 10 Years Long Activity Stage 453 Galis, R.; Hric, L.; Viotti, R.F.; Smelcer, L.; Montagni, F.; Maesano, M.; Rossi, C.
Symbiotic Binary YY Her - Looking for Consistent Model of Photometric and Spectroscopic Behaviour 455 Hric, L.; Galis, R.; Dobrotka, A.; Simon, V.
Morphology of Gas Flows in Z And in Quiescent and Active States 457 Kilpio, E.Yu.; Bisikalo, D.V.; Boyarchuk, A.A.; Kuznetsov, O.A.
Periodic Variations in Symbiotic Novae 459 Parimucha, S.; Chochol, D.; Pribulla, T.; Vanko, M.
A New Reddening for RR Tel from the HeII Paschen Lines 461 Selvelli, P.; Bonifacio, P.
Accretion-powered Symbiotic Binaries: EG And and CQ Dra 463 Skopal, A.
The He II 4686 line of the symbiotic binary Z And during its outburst at the end of 2002 465 Tomov, N.A.; Tomova, M.T.; Taranova, O.G.
Multi-wavelength Observations of the Compact Binaries in the Globular Cluster M 22 467 Webb, N.A.; Gendre, B.; Barret, D.
Three New Long-period CVs from the Hamburg Quasar Survey 469 Aungwerojwit, A.; Gansicke, B.T.; Rodriguez-Gil, P.; Hagen, H.-J.; Harlaftis, E.; Papadimitriou, C.; Lehto, H.; Fried, B.; Heber, U.; Engels D.
Dynamic X-ray Spectra of Chandra Cataclysmic Variables 471 Halevin, A.V.
Infrared Properties of Cataclysmic Variables in the 2MASS All Sky Data Release 473 Hoard, D.W.; Brinkworth, C.S.; Wachter, S.
Observing with OMC/INTEGRAL 475 Hudcova, V.; Hudec, R.; Polcar, J.; Hroch, F.
Observations of Cataclysmic Variables with INTEGRAL 477 Simon, V.; Hudec, R.; Strobl, J.; Hroch, F.; Munz, F.
INTEGRAL Core Programme and Cataclysmic Variables 479 Hudec, R.; Simon, V.; Strobl, J.; Munz, F.
BART - Burst Alert Robotic Telescope 481 Jelinek, M.; Kubanek, P.; Hudec, R.; Nekola, M.; Topinka, M.; Strobl, J.
Millimetre Observations of Cataclysmic Variables 483 Schmidtobreick, L.; Nielbock, M.; Manthey, E.
The PLANCK Mission and Interacting Binary Systems 485 Solheim, J.-E.
Lobster X-ray All Sky Monitor 487 Sveda, L.; Pina, L.; Hudec, R.; Inneman, A.
Wacky and Wonderful CVs: Results from Midway through the SDSS 489 Szkody, P.; SDSS Collaboration
IR Spectroscopy of Pre-cataclysmic Binaries 491 Tappert, C.; Gansicke, B.T.; Mennickent, R.E.
ULTRACAM Observations of the Unusual Cataclysmic Variable FS Aur 493 Neustroev, V.V.; Shearer, A.; Zharikov, S.V.; Tovmassian, G.H.
Two Periods of the Variability in V380 Oph 495 Shugarov, S.Yu.; Katysheva, N.A.; Seregina, T.M.; Volkov, I.M.; Kroll, P.
CVs Astrophysics with Astronomical Plate Archives 497 Hudec, R.
Two-Color V and R CCD Photometry of the SW Sex-Type Eclipsing Cataclysmic Variable V1315 Aql 499 Andronov, I.L.; Baklanov, A.V.; Burwitz, V.
On the Possible Periods of the Cataclysmic Variable V2275 Cygni 501 Ostrova, N.I.; Shugarov, S.Yu.; Andronov, I.L.
BY Cam: There and Back 503 Pavlenko, E.P.
Multiple Time Scales in the Cataclysmic Variable MV Lyr 505 Andronov, I.L.; Antoniuk, K.A.
ULTRACAM Photometry of the Ultra-compact Binary V407 Vul 507 Marsh, T.R.; Dhillon, V.S.; Steeghs, D.; Barros, S.C.C.; Groot, P.; Nelemans, G.; Ramsay, G.; Roelofs, G.