Title: Observed HR Diagrams and Stellar Evolution: The Interplay Between Observational Constraints and Theory
Volume: 274 Year: 2002 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Lejeune, Thibault; Fernandes, João
ISBN: 1-58381-116-8 eISBN: 978-1-58381-609-7
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Paper Title Page Authors
Stellar modeling, a key issue for Physics and Astrophysics 3 Baglin, A.
Recent advances in rotating massive star models 17 Meynet, G.; Maeder, A.
Blue Supergiants: Observational Constraints of Massive Star Evolution 29 Przybilla, N.
The influence of diffusive mixing on the extension and duration of the blue loops phase in intermediate mass stars 35 Ventura, P.
Stellar Models that Treat Gravitational Settling and Radiative Acceleration Processes: Application to M92 41 Vandenberg, D. A.; Richard, O.; Michaud, G.; Richer, J.
The Y2 Isochrones 45 Yi, S. K.; Demarque, P.; Kim, Y.-C.; Lee, Y.-W.; Ree, C. H.; Lejeune, T.
Theoretical uncertainties in Red Giant Branch stellar models 50 Salaris, M.
M Type and Carbon Stars on the Upper Asymptotic Giant Branch of Stellar Populations 63 Lançon, A.; Mouhcine, M.
Cepheids in the SMC: Blue Loops and Mass-Luminosity Relation 69 Cordier, D.; Lebreton, Y.; Goupil, M.-J.; Lejeune, T.; Beaulieu, J.-P.
The uncertain evolution of blue looping He burning stars 73 Sestito, P.; Castellani, V.; degl'Innocenti, S.; Prada Moroni, P. G.
Prospects and Results of Asteroseismology 77 Monteiro, M. J. P. F. G.
Asteroseismic analysis of the structure of HR1217 90 Cunha, M.; Fernandes, J.; Monteiro, M. J. P. F. G.
Cool Stellar Atmospheres 95 Hauschildt, P. H.; Allard, F.; Schweitzer, A.; Baron, E.
Synthetic spectra for pulsating red giants: status, limitations and applications 110 Hron, J.; Aringer, B.; Gautschy-Loidl, R.; Höfner, S.; Jørgensen, U. G.
Magnetic stars of the upper main sequence 116 Bagnulo, S.
Near Infrared Imaging Polarimetry of Proto-Planetary Nebula - OH231.8+4.2 122 Ahmad, A.; Gledhill, T.; McCall, A.; Takami, M.
Spectral Energy Distribution of Blue Stragglers in the Ultraviolet 126 Caballero, J. A.; Morales, C.
Determination of Fundamental Parameters 133 Cayrel, R.
Stellar Surface Gravity Determinations from Spectral Energy Distribution Photometry and Evolutionary Tracks 143 Morossi, C.; Chavez, M.; di Marcantonio, P.; Franchini, M.; Malagnini, M. L.
The Catalogue of [Fe/H] determinations for FGK stars: 2001 edition as working-tool for observational (logTeff, Mbol) diagrams 149 Cayrel de Strobel, G.; Soubiran, C.
The BaSeL interactive web server: a tool for stellar physics 159 Lejeune, T.
The BaSeL 3.1 models: metallicity calibration and application 166 Westera, P.; Samland, M.; Bruzual, G.; Buser, R.
Strömgren Color-Temperature Relations for Cool Stars 172 Clem, J. L.; Vandenberg, D. A.; Grundahl, F.; Bell, R. A.
Atmospheric parameters for non-interacting eclipsing binaries: preliminary results from synthetic photometry 176 Lastennet, E.; Cuisinier, F.; Lejeune, T.
Temperature predictions for dust embedded AGB stars: how far can we go with synthetic near-infrared photometry? 181 Lastennet, E.; Lorenz-Martins, S.; Cuisinier, F.; Lejeune, T.
Binary Star Data as Constraints on Stellar Models 187 Andersen, J.
Constraints derived from binary systems calibration: some examples 199 Berthomieu, G.; Morel, P.; Provost, J.; Thevenin, F.
Measuring the main sequence spread: a new mathematical approach 205 Fernandes, J.; Ferreira, J. A.; Patrício, M. F.
Double-lined eclipsing binaries: probe for stellar evolution models 210 Kovaleva, D.
Significant discrepancies between stellar evolution models and solar-type eclipsing and visual binaries 214 Lastennet, E.; Fernandes, J.; Oblak, E.; Valls-Gabaud, D.
What can we learn from binaries in clusters? The example of the Hyades 218 Lebreton, Y.; Fernandes, J.; Lejeune, T.
Distances, Ages and Metal Abundances in Globular Cluster Dwarfs 222 Gratton, R.; Bonifacio, P.; Bragaglia, A.; Carretta, E.; Castellani, V.; Centurion, M.; Chieffi, A.; Claudi, R.; Clementini, G.; D'Antona, F.; Desidera, S.; François, P.; Grundahl, F.; Lucatello, S.; Molaro, P.; Pasquini, L.; Spite, M.; Spite, F.; Straniero, O.
Strömgren photometry and abundance variations in globular cluster giants - the case of NGC 6752 228 Grundahl, F.; Nissen, P. E.; Briley, M.; Feltzing, S.
He and CNO abundances in massive stars: evidences of rotationally induced mixing 234 Villamariz, M. R.; Herrero, A.
Beryllium abundances in old open clusters 240 Randich, S.; Primas, F.; Pasquini, L.; Pallavicini, R.
The Metallicity of the Outer Disk 246 Teixeira de Almeida, M. L.; Carney, B. W.
The Ca II Triplet as an Abundance Indicator 252 Bosler, T.; Smecker-Hane, T.; McWilliam, A.
Abundances in Globular Cluster Turn-Off stars: are they identical to those of Field Subdwarfs? 256 Carretta, E.; Gratton, R.; Pasquini, L.; Centurion, M.
Metallicity of Old Open Clusters 260 Carretta, E.; Gratton, R.; Bragaglia, A.; Tosi, M.; Marconi, G.
Theoretical predictions about atmospheric lithium revisited 264 Imperio, A.; Castellani, V.; degl'Innocenti, S.
Photometric properties of Stellar Populations in GGCs: a multi-wavelength approach 268 Ferraro, F. R.
The HST snapshot project on Galactic Globular Clusters 282 Piotto, G.; de Angeli, F.; Recio Blanco, A.; Riello, M.; King, I. R.; Djorgovski, S.; Zoccali, M.; Saviane, I.; Renzini, A.; Bono, G.; Cassisi, S.; Meylan, G.; Rich, M.
A new calibration of the RGB Tip as a Standard Candle 288 Bellazzini, M.; Ferraro, F. R.; Pancino, E.
A new and cleaner colour-magnitude diagram for the metal-rich globular cluster NGC 6528 and the velocity dispersion in the Galactic Bulge 294 Feltzing, S.; Johnson, R.
Environmental effects and mass segregation in GCs 300 Marconi, G.; Andreuzzi, G.; Pulone, L.; Testa, V.; Buonanno, R.
CCD Photometry of the Southern Open Cluster NGC 6134 307 Ahumada, J. A.
Rotation of Hot Horizontal Branch Stars in Galactic Globular Clusters: the case of NGC 2808 311 Recio Blanco, A.; Piotto, G.; Aparicio Juan, A.; Bedin, L. R.; Lucatello, S.
The Trimodal Horizontal Branch of M75 (NGC 6864) 315 Catelan, M.; Borissova, J.; Ferraro, F. R.; Corwin, T. M.; Smith, H. A.
Rotation of Turn-off and Subgiant stars in Globular Clusters: NGC 104, NGC 6372, NGC 6752 319 Lucatello, S.; Gratton, R. G.
Observational and Theoretical Luminosity Functions of Globular Clusters 323 Montalbán, J.; D'Antona, F.; Piotto, G.
Multicolour Main-Sequence Fitting to 47 Tucanae 327 Percival, S.; Salaris, M.; van Wyk, F.; Kilkenny, D.
Unveiling the stellar Initial Mass Function of Galactic Globular Clusters 331 Piotto, G.; Bedin, L. R.; Recio Blanco, A.; Montalbán, J.; D'Antona, F.; Cassisi, S.; Heggie, D.
Metal-Rich Globular Clusters and the Second-Parameter Effect: NGC 6388, NGC 6441 335 Pritzl, B. J.; Smith, H. A.; Catelan, M.; Sweigart, A. V.
On the white dwarf distances to Galactic globular clusters 339 Salaris, M.; Cassisi, S.; Isern, J.; García-Berro, E.; Torres, S.
Galactic Globular Clusters Relative Ages: The Formation of the Milky Way 343 Rosenberg, A.; Aparicio, A.; Piotto, G.; Saviane, I.
The white dwarf cooling sequence in the old open cluster NGC 188 349 Andreuzzi, G.; Richer, H. B.; Limongi, M.; Bolte, M.
A New Calibration of the Subdwarf Distance Scale 355 Fulbright, J. P.; Bolte, M.
Using White Dwarfs as Chronometers in Star Clusters 362 Kalirai, J. Singh
Subgiant-Branch Color Function Ages for Globular Clusters 369 Bergbusch, P. A.; Stetson, P. B.; Vandenberg, D. A.
The Age of the Metal-Rich Globular Cluster NGC 6352 373 Faria, D.; Feltzing, S.
Testing Overshoot with Intermediate-age Magellanic Cloud Clusters 377 Woo, J.-H.; Gallart, C.; Demarque, P.; Yi, S.; Zoccali, M.
Old Open Clusters as tracers of Galactic Evolution 385 Bragaglia, A.; Tosi, M.; Marconi, G.; di Fabrizio, L.
CMD's, RR Lyrae's, clump stars and reddening in the LMC 391 Clementini, G.; Bragaglia, A.; Maio, M.; Carretta, E.; Gratton, R.; di Fabrizio, L.
Combining wide-field, old main-sequence turnoff, color-magnitude diagrams and spectroscopy to derive accurate star formation histories: the LMC and Fornax 397 Gallart, C.; Pont, F.; Zinn, R.; Hardy, E.
The discovery of RRLyrae in M32 403 Alonso-García, J.; Mateo, M.; Worthey, G.
The stellar content of the Galaxy: the white dwarf population 408 Cignoni, M.; Castellani, V.; degl'Innocenti, S.; Petroni, S.; Prada Moroni, P. G.
UBV and Strömgren stellar photometry in the Eastern part of M31 412 Kurtev, R.; Borissova, J.; Georgiev, L.; Rosado, M.
F stars, metallicity, and the ages of red galaxies at z > 1 416 Nolan, L. A.
Wide Field Imaging of the Sextans Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxy 421 Pancino, E.; Bellazzini, M.; Ferraro, F. R.
MS-fitting method: a new determination of the distance of the LMC cluster NGC 1866 425 Raimondo, G.; di Carlo, E.; Brocato, E.; Castellani, V.; Walker, A. R.
Synthetic Color-Magnitude Diagram and the Star Formation History in the Local Group 429 Aparicio, A.
The Color-Magnitude Diagram of composite stellar populations 444 Greggio, L.
Numerical Techniques and Histories of Galactic dSph Companions 450 Dolphin, A. E.
Star formation histories of late-type dwarfs outside the Local Group 457 Tosi, M.; Greggio, L.; Annibali, F.; Aloisi, A.
The 2MASS CMD of the Milky Way: Inferring Structure and History 464 Cole, A. A.; Weinberg, M. D.
Tracing out the northern stream of the Sagittarius dwarf galaxy with color-magnitude diagram techniques 468 Martínez-Delgado, D.; Gómez-Flechoso, M. A.; Aparicio, A.
The AGB populations of Local Group galaxies 472 Nowotny, W.; Kerschbaum, F.; Olofsson, H.; Schwarz, H. E.
Wide Field H-R diagrams of Local Group Dwarf Galaxies 476 Rizzi, L.; Held, E. V.; Saviane, I.; Momany, Y.; Clementini, G.; Bertelli, G.
Coimbra Experiment: Group 1 analysis 483 Gallart, C.; Aparicio, A.; Bertelli, G.
Coimbra Experiment: Group 2 analysis 490 Rizzi, L.; Held, E. V.; Bertelli, G.; Nasi, E.; Saviane, I.; Vallenari, A.
Coimbra Experiment: Group 3 analysis 497 Cole, A. A.; Smecker-Hane, T.; Mandushev, G.
Coimbra Experiment: Group 4 analysis 503 Dolphin, A. E.
The Coimbra experiment: Group 5 analysis (variational method) 509 Valls-Gabaud, D.; Hernandez, X.
Coimbra Experiment: Group 6 analysis 519 Holtzman, J.
Coimbra Experiment: Group 7 analysis 525 Harris, J.; Zaritsky, D.
Coimbra Experiment: Group 12 analysis 529 Tosi, M.; Greggio, L.; Annibali, F.
First Results of the Coimbra Experiment 535 Skillman, E. D.; Gallart, C.
Uncertainties of Synthetic Integrated Colours 547 Yi, S. K.
On some uncertainties in evolutionary synthesis models 560 Cerviño, M.; Valls-Gabaud, D.
A further step in stellar population synthesis modeling: high resolution SEDs on the basis of extensive empirical stellar libraries 567 Vazdekis, A.
Testing Population Synthesis Models with the Aid of Globular Cluster CMDs and Spectra 573 Schiavon, R. P.; Faber, S. M.; Rose, J. A.; Castilho, B. V.
GAIA: Understanding the Galaxy 581 Gilmore, G.
The Stellar Population Archive: Globular Clusters 594 Zurek, D. R.; Ouellette, J. A.; Hurley, J.; Shara, M.; Ferguson, H.
StarFISH: A Robust Synthetic Color-Magnitude Diagram Package 600 Harris, J.; Zaritsky, D.
COROT ground-based photometric programme 606 Amado, P. J.; Garrido, R.; Costa, V.; Rolland, A.; Olivares, I.
Spectropolarimetry of Hydrogen Balmer lines with FORS1 at the VLT 610 Bagnulo, S.; Szeifert, T.; Mathys, G.; Wade, G. A.; Landstreet, J. D.
The BaSeL library as a basic tool to provide fundamental stellar parameters of future space missions: COROT and GAIA 614 Lastennet, E.; Lejeune, T.; Cuisinier, F.
Concluding remarks 618 Valls-Gabaud, D.