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Paper: Prospects and Results of Asteroseismology
Volume: 274, Observed HR Diagrams and Stellar Evolution: The Interplay Between Observational Constraints and Theory
Page: 77
Authors: Monteiro, M. J. P. F. G.
Abstract: Stellar pulsations have been used extensively to study the internal structure of the stars. With the development of Helioseismology new tools have been establish in order to use the large set of observed modes for the Sun - these techniques are now being extended for the seismic analysis of other stars. With the forthcoming space missions on stellar seismology new opportunities to study with high resolution the structure and evolution of other stars will become available. In this contribution we address some of the many prospects, and a few results, provided by Asteroseismology. We will mainly focus on solar-type oscillations and related techniques to illustrate what stellar seismology may provide in the not-so-distance future.
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