Title: Bioastronomy '99: A New Era in Bioastronomy
Volume: 213 Year: 2000 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Lemarchand, Guillermo; Meech, Karen
ISBN: 1-58381-044-7 eISBN: 978-1-58381-549-6
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Paper Title Page Authors
A New Era in the Search for Life in the Universe 7 Lemarchand, Guillermo
NASA's Astrobiology Program: An Overview 19 Rummel, John; Meyer, Michael
Bioastronomy '99 - Meeting Overview 23 Meech, Karen
The Emerging Life Era: A Cosmological Imperative 35 Chaisson, Eric
The Sun Was Born Late Because We Are Here 43 Lineweaver, Charles
Formation of Protoplanets from Planetesimals 51 Kokubo, Eiichiro; Ida, Shigeru
Planetary Formation and the Abundance of Habitable Planets 57 Lissauer, Jack L.
Rapid Gas Giant Planet Formation 67 Boss, Alan
A Survey of Solar Twin Stars within 50 Parsecs of the Sun 73 Porto de Mello, Gustavo; da Silva, Ronaldo; da Silva, Licio
Planet Detections from Circumstellar Dust Disks: Edgeworth-Kuiper 79 Liou, Jer-Chyi; Zook, H. A.; Greaves, J. S.; Holland, W. S.
Extrasolar Planets Around Main Sequence Stars 85 Marcy, Geoffrey; Butler, P. R.; Fischer, D. A.; Vogt, S. S.
A Giant Planet in an Earth-like Orbit Around the Young Star ι 95 Kürster, Martin; Endl, M.; Els, S.; Hatzes, A. P.; Cochran, W. D.; Döbereiner, S.; Dennerl, K.
The Vulcan Photometric Search for Transiting Giant Planets: Some 101 Caldwell, Douglas; Borucki, William; Lissauer, Jack
Properties of Hypothetical Planetary Systems Around the Brown Dwarf 107 Desidera, Silvano
Have We Discovered Other Planetary Systems? 113 Heacox, William
Astrometry, the Next Step 119 Quirrenbach, Andreas
The Environments of Nearby Stars as Observed by NICMOS 127 Smith, Bradford
Detection of Planets with the Hubble Space Telescope Advanced Camera 131 Sparks, William; Brown, R.; Burrows, C.; Clampin, M.; Krist, J. E.; Ford, H.; Feldman, P. D.; Golimowski, D.
Target Selection for Planet Searches 137 Latham, David
Terrestrial Planet Finder 143 Woolf, Neville
The 22 GHz Water Maser Line: A New Diagnostic Tool for Extrasolar 151 Cosmovici, Cristiano; Pogrebenko, S.; Montebugnoli, S.; Maccaferri, G.
From CM Draconis to the Crowded Field BW3: Aspects of the Search 159 Doyle, Laurance; Blue, E. J.; Deeg, H.-J.; Navarrete, M.; Rottler, L.
Darwin - The InfraRed Space Interferometer and the Search for Life 167 Fridlund, Malcolm
Detection of Extra-Solar Planets by Computational Convexity 173 de Morais, Antonio
Direct Observation of Extrasolar Planetary Spectra Rajendra 177 Singh, Rajendra Vikram
Extrasolar Planetary Complex Biosphere Organization as Exemplified 183 Heath, Martin; Williams, Darren; Doyle, Laurence
A Laboratory Analog for the Carbonaceous Material in the Interstellar 187 Tokunaga, Alan; Wada, Setsuko
Organic Carbon in Interplanetary Dust Particles 191 Flynn, George; Keller, L. P.; Jacobsen, C.; Wirick, S.; Miller, M. A.
Synthesis of Large Molecules in Cometary Ice Analogs: Physical Properties 195 Dworkin, Jason; Sandford, S. A.; Allamandola, L. J.; Deamer, D. W.; Gillette, S. J.; Zare, R. N.
Formation of Prebiotic Molecules in Interstellar and Cometary Ices 197 Bernstein, Max; Sandford, S. A.; Allamandola, L. J.; Dworkin, J. P.; Gillette, S. J.; Zare, R. N.
Cometary Origin and Evolution 207 Meech, Karen
From the Interstellar Medium to Planetary Atmospheres via Comets 217 Owen, Tobias; Bar-Nun, Akiva
Conditions for the Production of Liquid Water in Comet Nuclei 231 Podolak, Morris; Prialnik, Dina
Deep Impact - Exploring the Interior of a Comet 235 Meech, Karen; A'Hearn, M. F.; McFadden, L.; Belton, M. J. S.; Delamere, A.; Kissel, J.; Klassen, K.; Yeomans, D.; Melosh, J.; Schultz, P.; Sunshine, J.; Veverka, J.
Fullerenes, Noble Gases and the Flux of Extraterrestrial Debris to 243 Becker, Luann; Poreda, Robert; Bunch, Ted
Planetary Surfaces of Low Albedo: Organic Material Throughout the 253 Cruikshank, Dale; Khare, Bishun
The Early Micrometeorites Accretion Scenario and the Origin of Earth's 263 Maurette, Michel; Gounelle, M.; Duprat, J.; Engrand, C.; Matrajt, G.
Organic Matter and the Origin of Life in the Solar System 285 Oró, John
A Short, Critical Evaluation of Proposed Signs of Ancient Martian 303 Treiman, Allan
Ferrate (IV) as a Possible Oxidant on the Martian Surface 315 Tsapin, Alexandre; Goldfeld, M. G.; McDonald, G. D.; Nealson, K. H.; Mohnke, J.; Moskovitz, B.; Solheid, P.; Kemner, K. H.; Orlandini, K.
Copper-Adenine Complex Catalyst for O2 Production from 319 Vergne, Jacques; Bruston, F.; Calvayrac, R.; Grajcar, L.; Baron, M.-H.; Maurel, M.-C.
Some Bioastronomical Aspects of the Giant Planets and Titan 325 Raulin, François; Coll, P.; Cottin, H.; Smith, N.; Vuitton, V.; Ramirez-Jimenez, S.; Navarro-Gonzalez, R.; Nna Mvondo, D.; Bénilan, Y.; Guillemin, J.-C.; Gazeau, M.-C.
Dinitrogen as a Possible Biomarker for Exobiology: The Case of Titan 333 Simakov, Michael
Origin of Life: ISSOL '99 Overview 339 Raulin, François; Brack, Andrè
Viability and Detectability of Photosynthesis on Earth-like Planets 343 Wolstencroft, Ramon; Raven, John
Circular Polarization and the Origin of Biomolecular Homochirality 349 Bailey, Jeremy
High Circular Polarization in the Star Forming Region NGC 6334: Implications 355 Ménard, François; Chrysostomou, A.; Gledhill, T.; Hough, J. H.; Bailey, J.
Astronomical Sources of Circular Polarization in Visible Light and 359 Wolstencroft, Ramon; Draper, P. W.; Stockdale, D. P.; Scarrott, M.
Searching for Traces of Martian Life Using Holography 365 Ksanfomality, Leonid; Kompanets, Igor
Extinct Life on Mars: Looking for Traces of Viruses Instead of Bacteria 369 Ksanfomality, Leonid
Prebiotic Evolution of Amphiphilic Assemblies Far from Equilibrium: 373 Segré, Daniel; Ben-Eli, Dafna; Lancet, Doron
Extremophilies as Models for Extraterrestrial Life 379 Seckbach, Joseph
Application of Computer Tomography (CT) for Search of Life in Extreme 387 Tsapin, Alexandre; Storrie-Lombardi, M.; McDonald, G. D..; Nealson, K. H.
Microbial and Chemical Characterization of Geothermal Ground Water 391 Schulze-Makuch, Dirk; Kennedy, John
The Significance of Light-Independent Ecosystems in the Search for 397 Santini, Francesco; Galleni, Lodovico
Testing the Drake Equation in the Solar System 403 Chela-Flores, Julian
A Plurality of Worlds, a Plurality of Bodyplans? 411 Conway Morris, Simon
Monophyletic Origin of the Metazoan Nervous System: Characterizing 421 Watkins, Russell; Beckenbach, Andrew
Biospheric Cooling and the Emergence of Intelligence 425 Schwartzman, David; Middendorf, George
Turning the Empirical Corner on Fi: The Probability of 431 Marino, Lori
Average Lifetime of an Intelligent Civilization Estimated on its 437 Kompanichenko, Vladimir
SETI and the Galactic Belt of Intelligent Life 441 Balázs, Béla
Five Strategies for Detecting Intelligence 445 Tough, Allen
Project Phoenix and Beyond 451 Cullers, Kent
Strategies, Implementation and Results of BETA 459 Leigh, Darren; Horowitz, Paul
Progress in the Search for Ultra-Narrow Band Extraterrestrial Artificial 467 Lemarchand, Guillermo
Search for Artificial Signals from Nearby Stars Using the Berkeley 473 Bowyer, Stuart; Korpela, Eric; Werthimer, Dan; Cobb, Jeff; Lampton, Michael; Lampton, Michael; Lebofsky, Matt
The Serendip IV Arecibo Sky Survey 479 Werthimer, Dan; Bowyer, S.; Cobb, J.; Lebofsky, M.; Lampton, M.
SERENDIP IV: Data Acquisition, Reduction, and Analysis 485 Cobb, Jeff; Lebofsky, M.; Werthimer, D.; Bowyer, S.; Lampton, M.
The Southern SERENDIP Project 491 Stootman, Frank H.; De Horta, A. Y.; Oliver, C. A.; Wellington, K. J.
New Developments in the Southern SERENDIP Project 497 de Horta, Ain; Werthimer, D.; Stootman, F. H.; Wellington, K. J.
SETItalia 501 Montebugnoli, Stelio; Cattani, A.; Cecchi, M.; Maccaferri, A.; Monari, J.-M.; Mariotti, S.; Cosmivici, C. B.; Maccone, C.
S. A. L. V.E. (Software Aimed at off Line Verification Eti) 505 Monari, Jader; Montebugnoli, S.; Ravaglia, F.; Cecchi, M.
SETI@home: Internet Distributed Computing for SETI 511 Anderson, David; Werthimer, D.; Cobb, J.; Korpela, E.; Lebofsky, M.; Gedye, D.; Sullivan, W. T.
Generalized SETI in a Virtual Observatory 519 Djorgovski, Stanislav
The FAST Project in China 523 Nan, Rendong; Peng, B.; Zhu, W.; Zhu, L.; Su, Y.; Qui, Y.
A Role for Neural Networks in the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence 529 Taylor, Douglas; Towsey, M.; Finn, G.; Diederich, J.
The One Hectare Telescope for SETI 537 Dreher, John
Search Strategy for Detection of SETI Short Pulse Laser Signals 541 Ross, Monte
Optical SETI at Harvard-Smithsonian 545 Howard, Andrew; Horowitz, P.; Coldwell, C.; Klein, S.; Sung, A.; Wolff, J.; Caruso, J.; Latham, D.; Papaliolios, C.; Stefanik, R.; Zajac, J.
Australian Optical SETI Project 553 Bhathal, Ragbir
The Design of a Dedicated Observatory for Optical SETI 559 Ross, Monte
Optical SETI: The Next Search Frontier 565 Lampton, Michael
Recent Progress in Bioastronomy Space Missions 573 Maccone, Claudio
A Search for Dyson Spheres Around Late-type Stars in the Solar Neighborhood. 581 Jugaku, Jun; Nishimura, Shiro
Transmission Protocol for an EPR System at Polarization States: EPR 585 Tamburini, Fabrizio; Ortolani, Sergio; Bianchini, Antonio
The Habitability of the Moon 593 Herczeg, Tibor
A Methodological Approach to Communication with Extraterrestrials 603 Ascheri, Valeria
The Convergence of Intelligences 609 Diederich, Joachim
Information Theory as a Comparative Measure of Animal Communication 613 Hanser, Sean; McCowan, Brenda; Doyle, Laurance
Symbol Systems and Pictorial Representations 619 Diederich, Joachim; Wright, Susan
Three-Dimensional Messages for Interstellar Communication 623 Vakoch, Douglas A.
Standards of Proof for the Detection of Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence 629 Shuch, Paul
Immediate Reaction Plan: A Strategy for Dealing with a SETI Detection 635 Shostak, Seth; Oliver, Carol
SETI, Consilience and the Unity of Knowledge 641 Finney, Ben
Cultural Aspects of Astrobiology: A Preliminary Reconnaissance at 649 Dick, Steven
Philosophical Aspects of Astrobiology 661 Jakosky, Bruce
Summary of Results of the Seminar on the Cultural Impact of Extraterrestrial 667 Billingham, John
A Pacific Teacher Enhancement Program - Toward Other Planetary Systems 679 Meech, Karen; Slater, T. F.; Mattei, J. A.; Kadooka, M. A.
Astrobiology Education and Outreach: New Interdisciplinary Initiatives 685 Schultz, Greg
Voyages Through Time: Everything Evolves 689 Tarter, Jill; Pendleton, Y.; DeVore, E.; O'Sullivan, K.; Taylor, S.
A Class in Bioastronomy 695 Airieau, Sabine
"The Mars Room": A Campus-Wide Bioastronomy Project 699 Theison, David
Science Education Using SETI as a Context for the NSW Stage 4 and 703 Vozzo, Les; Oliver, C. A.; Silburn, K.; Tweed, D.