Title: Massive Stellar Clusters
Volume: 211 Year: 2000 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Lançon, Ariane; Boily, Christian M.
ISBN: 1-58381-042-0 eISBN: 978-1-58381-547-2
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Paper Title Page Authors
Young Star Clusters: Metallicities, Ages and Masses 3 Fritze-v. Alvensleben, U.
Dynamical Masses, Time-scales and Evolution of Star Clusters 12 Gerhard, O.
The Evolution of the Interstellar Medium Around Young Stellar Clusters. 25 Calzetti, D.; Tremonti, C. A.; Heckman, T. M.; Leitherer, C.
Stochastic Fluctuations in the Spectrophotometric Properties of Star Clusters 34 Lançon, A.; Mouhcine, M.
Massive Clusters in the Milky Way and Magellanic Clouds 43 Mermilliod, J.-C.
Star Clusters in Spiral Galaxies. 49 Jablonka, P.
Massive Clusters in Hubble Sequence Galaxies: Ellipticals. 55 Kissler-Patig, M.
Massive Star Clusters in Dwarf Starburst Galaxies. 63 Östlin, G.
Massive Stellar Clusters in Interacting Galaxies 71 Miller, B. W.
Star Clusters and the Duration of Starbursts 81 Meurer, G. R.
The Properties of Young Clusters in M 82. 90 Smith, L. J.; Gallagher, J. S., III
Near-Infrared Properties of Four Young Star Clusters in NGC 4038/39 96 Mengel, S.; Lehnert, M. D.; Thatte, N.; Genzel, R.
NIRSPEC Spectroscopy of a Massive Obscured Star Cluster in the Antennae Galaxies (NGC 4038/4039) 101 Gilbert, A. M.; Graham, J. R.; McLean, I. S.; Becklin, E. E.; Larkin, J. E.; Wilcox, M. K.; Figer, D. F.; Levenson, N. A.; Teplitz, H. I.
Evolution of Rotating Massive Stars into the Wolf--Rayet Phase at Solar Metallicity 105 Meynet, G.
Super Star Clusters as Probes of Massive Star Evolution and the IMF at Extreme Metallicities 113 Schaerer, D.; Guseva, N. G.; Izotov, Y. I.
Stellar Populations in the Nucleus of NGC 6764. 120 Eckart, A.; Schinnerer, E.
Young Populous Clusters in the Magellanic Clouds. 124 Keller, S.; Bessell, M. S.; Da Costa, G. S.
The Bulge Globular Cluster NGC 6553: Observations with HST's WFPC2, STIS and NICMOS 128 Beaulieu, S. F.; Gilmore, G. F.; Johnson, R. A.; Smartt, S. J.; Tanvir, N.; Santiago, B.
Broad-Band Colour Evolution of Star Clusters. 133 Girardi, L.
Infrared and Millimeter Studies of Red Supergiants in OB Associations. 140 Josselin, E.; Blommaert, J. A. D. L.; Groenewegen, M. A. T.; Omont, A.
Asymptotic Giant Branch Stars in Interacting Galaxy Globular Clusters 144 Mouhcine, M.; Lançon, A.
Planetary Nebulae in Clusters 151 Köppen, J.; Acker, A.
Age Dating Old Globular Clusters in Early-type Galaxies 157 Kissler-Patig, M.
Age Determinations of Individual Cluster Stars 165 Weiss, A.; Schlattl, H.
The Puzzling Theoretical Scenario for Low Mass He Burning Stars in Open Clusters 169 degl'Innocenti, S.; Castellani, V.; Girardi, L.; Marconi, M.; Prada Moroni, P. G.; Weiss, A.
The Hyades in the Light of Hipparcos 175 Prada Moroni, P. G.; Castellani, V.; degl'Innocenti, S.; Lindegren, L.
Collisions in Compact Star Clusters. 181 Portegies Zwart, S. F.
The Impact of Rotation on Cluster Dynamics 190 Boily, C. M.
Dynamics of Dense Stellar Clusters: Binary Black Holes in Galactic Centres 197 Hemsendorf, M.
Unequal-mass Gaseous Models of Globular Clusters with Stellar Evolution 204 Deiters, S.; Spurzem, R.
Stellar Dynamics and Gas Expulsion 211 Goodwin, S.; Pearce, F.; Thomas, P.
Mass Segregation in Star Clusters 215 Meylan, G.
The Nature of Nuclear Star Clusters in Spiral Galaxies 227 Böker, T.
Stellar Dynamics of Young Star Clusters 233 Kroupa, P.
Could Merged Star-Clusters Build Up a Small Galaxy? 241 Fellhauer, M.; Kroupa, P.
HST Images of Stephan's Quintet: Star Cluster Candidates in a Compact Group Environment 247 Gallagher, S. C.; Hunsberger, S. D.; Charlton, J. C.; Zaritsky, D.
Clusters in Stephan's Quintet: Constraints on Tidal Dwarf Formation. 254 Hunsberger, S. D.; Gallagher, S. C.; Charlton, J. C.; Zaritsky, D.
Patterns of Super Star Cluster Formation in `Clumpy' Starburst Galaxies 258 Gallagher, J. S., III; Homeier, N. L.; Conselice, C. J.
Star Clusters in Local Group Galaxies -- Impact of Environment on Their Evolution and Survival. 262 Grebel, E. K.
Euler, Hipparcos and the Five Dwarfs : Reconstructing Star Formation Histories in the Local Group. 270 Valls-Gabaud, D.; Hernandez, X.; Gilmore, G.
Constraints on Cluster Formation from Old Globular Cluster Systems. 281 McLaughlin, D. E.
The Formation of Galaxies, the Formation of Old Globular Clusters and the Link with High-Redshift Objects. 288 Burgarella, D.; Kissler-Patig, M.; Buat, V.
The Interstellar Medium of Young Stellar Clusters from the Mid-Infrared Point of View. 297 Madden, S. C.
Sub-millimetre and Millimetre Studies 305 Josselin, E.
A few General Remarks from the Final Discussion of the Workshop on Massive Stellar Clusters 310 Gallagher, J. S., III; Grebel, E. K.; Kroupa, P.; McLaughlin, D.; Zinnecker, H.; Portegies Zwart, S. F.
Conference Summary 319 Kroupa, P.