Title: NGST Science and Technology Exposition
Volume: 207 Year: 2000 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Smith, Eric; Long, Knox
ISBN: 1-58381-036-6 eISBN: 978-1-58381-543-4
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Paper Title Page Authors
Next Generation Space Telescope Program Update 3 Seery, B.
Science Opportunities with the NGST 6 Dressler, A.
NGST Science Instruments and Process 18 Mather, J. C.
Large Space Optics 25 Bèly, P. Y.
The TRW/ Ball Aerospace Concept for NGST 37 Lightsey, P.; Ebbets, D.
Lockheed Martin Team's Next Generation Space Telescope (NGST) Reference Architecture 46 Martin, F.; Lesyna, L.; LeRoy, B.; Menzel, M.; Andersen, G.; Hyatt, B.; Triebes, K.; Rudiger, C.; Stier, M.; Cox, C.; Delp, C.; Hachkowski, R.; Hardman, G.; Keane, M.; MacFarlane, M.; Mordino, A.; Krim, M.
NGST Payload Study: General Design Considerations 58 Posselt, W.; Bushner, R.; De Zoeten, P.; Hauser, A.; Holota, W.; Hupfer, W.; Sippel, R.
Performance of the NGST Wavefront Control System as Tested on DCATT 69 Redding, D.; Basinger, S.; Lowman, A.; Shi, F.; Bowers, C.; Burns, L.; Davila, P.; Dean, B.; Fitzmaurice, M.; Hagopian, J.; Leboeuf, C.; Mosier, G.; Norton, T.; Perkins, B.; Petrone, P.; Wheeler, L.; Wilson, M.
Molecular Beam Epitaxial Mercury Cadmium Telluride: A Quiet, Warm FPA for NGST 79 Hall, D. N. B.; Hodapp, K. W.; Goldsmith, D. L.; Cabelli, C. A.; Cooper, D. E.; Montroy, J. T.; Pasko, J. G.; Vural, K.; Zandian, M.
Mid-Infrared Astronomy with NGST 85 van Dishoeck, E. F.
Cryocooler Options for NGST and other Space Applications 106 Lindensmith, C. A.; Bowman, R. C.; Wade, L. A.; Crumb, D.
MIRCAM: Mid-Infrared Wide Field Camera for NGST 116 Posselt, W.; Wright, G.; Lagage, P. O.; Le Fèvre, O.
An Integrated Science Instrument Module for the Next Generation Space Telescope 127 Ennico, K. A.; Greene, T. P.
The Potential for Mid-Infrared Astronomy with the Next Generation Space Telescope 138 Serabyn, E.; Barsony, M.; Beichman, C. A.; Koerner, D. W.; Orton, G. S.; Ressler, M. E.; Werner, M. W.; Xu, C.; Armus, L.; Shupe, D. L.; Backman, D. E.; van Dishoeck, E. F.
Canadian Near-IR MOS/IFS Concept for NGST 149 Crampton, D.; Roberts, S.; Herriot, G.; Lilly, S.; Bakshi, S.; Parameswaran, A.; Syrzycki, M.; Steinbring, E.; Nahon, M.; Sharf, I.; Buckham, B.; Erickson, D.; Carretero, J.; Abbott, C.; Gaunt, R.; Kabush, G.; McIlwain, A.; Vrooman, R.; Booey, D.; Hill, A.; Taylor, K.; Townsend, D.; Richardson, E. H.; Bell, A.; Buttner, G.; Evans, C.; Maule, D.; Rowlands, N.
A Visible Imager for NGST 159 Hickson, P.; Bell, A.; Buttner, G.; Rowlands, N.; Drissen, L.; Hardy, T.; Hutchings, J.; Morbey, C.; Murowinski, R.; Stetson, P.; Steinbring, E.
High Contrast Coronagraphic Imaging with NGST 165 Trauger, J. T.
NEF: NGST Exo-planet Finder: I. Concepts 179 Boccaletti, A.; Moutou, C.; Abe, L.; Vakili, F.; Labeyrie, A.; Riaud, P.; Schneider, J.
An Integrated Near-Infrared Camera for NGST 185 Bally, J.; Morse, J.; Woodruff, R.; Niblack, C.; Neam, D.; Crocker, J.
Turbo-Brayton Cryocooler for NGST 196 Zagarola, M. V.; Swift, W. L.
Ground-Based Demonstration of Imaging Fourier Transform Spectrometry and Techniques 203 Wurtz, R.; Cook, K. H.; Bennett, C. L.; Bixler, J.; Carr, D.; Wishnow, E. H.
Tunable Filters on NGST 212 Satyapal, S.; Greenhouse, M. A.; Barclay, R.; Amato, D.; Arritt, B.; Barry, R.; Holt, C.; Kuhn, J.; Higelman, T.; Fonneland, N.; Lesyna, L.
Aspects of MMA for MOS: Optical Modeling and Surface Characterization Spectrograph Optical Design 218 Zamkotsian, F.; Dohlen, K.; Burgarella, D.; Buat, V.
High Redshift Science Drivers for the NGST 226 Lilly, S.
IFIRS: An Imaging Fourier Transform Spectrometer for the Next Generation Space Telescope 240 Graham, J. R.
A Pre-Phase-A Study of a Multi-Object Spectrometer Using Micro Mirror Arrays 251 MacKenty, J. W.; the NGST-MOS Study Team
A. High-Efficiency, Wide-Band, Multi-Object, Near-Infrared Spectrograph for the NGST 262 Moseley, S. H.; Bowers, Charles W.; Fettig, Rainer K.; Gardner, Jonathan P.; Kimble, Randy A.; Kutyrev, Alexander S.; Malumuth, Eliot M.; Teplitz, Harry I.; Wesenberg, Richard P.; Woodgate, Bruce E.
A Canadian IFTS for the NGST 276 Morris, S. L.; Ouellette, J.; Villemaire, A.; Grandmont, F.; Moreau, L.
NGST Visible Instrument Study for ESA 282 Dubet, D.; Ward, M.
ESA Study of a Near Infra-Red Camera for the NGST 292 Posselt, W.; Le Fèvre, O.; Wright, G.
NIRCAM-IFTS: Imaging Fourier Transform Spectrometer for NGST 303 Posselt, W.; Maillard, J.-P.; Wright, G.
IFMOS: Integral Field Multi-Object Spectrograph for NGST 313 Le Fèvre, O.; Prieto, E.; Posselt, W.; Delabre, B.; Allington-Smith, J.; Bacon, R.; Cristiani, S.; Davies, R.; Ellis, R.; Monnet, G.; Thatte, N.; de Zeeuw, T.
Image Slicing Optics for NGST IFMOS 326 Content, R.; Allington-Smith, J.; Robertson, D.; Prieto, E.; Delabre, B.; Posselt, W.
The Power of Integral Field Spectroscopy for NGST 333 Bacon, R.
Observing High-z Elliptical Galaxies with NGST 338 Stiavelli, M.
A Comparison of Imaging Spectrometers 344 Bennett, C. L.
NGST On-board Data Management Study 355 Caraveo, P. A.; Bonati, A.; Scandelli, L.; Denskat, U.
Next Generation Space Telescope (NGST) Pathfinder Experiment Inflatable Sunshield in Space (ISIS) 365 Pacini, L.; Kaufman, D.; Adams, M.; Lou, M.; Carey, J.
NGST OTA Optical Testing 376 Keski-Kuha, R.; Burg, R.; Davila, P.; Hagopian, J.; Bely, P.; Burge, J.; Wyant, J.; Geary, J.; Jacobson, D.; Smith, S.; Lowman, A.; Macenka, S.; Redding, D.; Mangus, J.; Perrygo, C.; Saif, B.
Interim Report: Review of Detector Requirements for NGST 385 McCreight, C.; Fowler, A.; Greene, T.; Greenhouse, M.; Martineau, R.; Hall, D.; Long, K. S.; MacKenty, J.; Pipher, J.; Ressler, M.; Young, E.
Test Results for Nanometer-Class Cryogenic Structural Actuators for NGST 390 Hatheway, A. E.
Mid-Infrared NGST Studies of Protostars 397 Barsony, M.; Whitney, B.
PYTHEAS: High Angular Imaging System for NGST 402 Bensammar, S.; Boulesteix, J.; Courtes, G.; Gach, J. L.; Georgelin, Y.
Some Imaging Concepts for NGST 407 Bensammar, S.; Boulesteix, J.; Courtes, G.; Gach, J. L.; Lopez, B.; Petrov, R.
Development of Optical Microcomponents at Observatoire de Paris 412 Bensammar, S.; Gex, F.; Horville, D.; Bauduin, D.; Barroso, P.; Taillandier, C.
Pixel and Micro-lensing with NGST 417 Bensammar, S.; Mlechior, A.-L.
Far Infrared and Far Ultraviolet Emissions of Galaxies: Luminosity Functions and Selection Effects. Implications for the Future NGST and ALMA Observations 422 Buat, V.; Burgarella, D.
A Fiber Optic Positioning Device for the NGST Multi-Object Spectrograph 428 Buckham, B.; Erickson, D.; Nahon, M.; Sharf, I.; Crampton, D.
Recent Development in Silicon Carbide Lightweight Optics at Matra Marconi Space 435 Calvel, B.
CAE ROSE for Simulation Based Design of the Next Generation Space Telescope 441 Cull, C.
Deformable Mirror Optical Calibration and Test Results 446 Dean, B.; Boucarut, R.
Counts and Sizes of Galaxies in the HDF-S: Implications for the NGST 450 Gardner, J. P.; Satyapal, S.
Etched Silicon Gratings for NGST 457 Ge, J.; Ciarlo, D.; Kuzmenko, P.; Macintosh, B.; Alcock, C.; Cook, K.
NGST and the Zodiacal Light in the Solar System 462 Gorkavyi, N.; Ozernoy, L.; Mather, J.; Taidakova, T.
Enhancing NGST Science: UMBRAS 468 Jordan, I. J. E.; Schultz, A. B.; Schroeder, D.; Hart, H. M.; Bruhweiler, F.; Fraquelli, D.; Hamilton, F.; Di Santi, M.; Rodrigue, M.; Cheng, K.-P.; Miskey, C.; Kochte, M.; Johnson, B.; Sami Fadali, M.; Hershey, J.
The Impact on Science of the NGST PSF I. The Effects of Mid-Frequency Errors 474 Krist, J.
Comparison of Two Concepts of Imaging FTS 479 Maillard, J.-P.
NGST Exo-planet Finder (NEF): II. Study Results 484 Moutou, C.; Boccaletti, A.; Labeyrie, A.; Vakili, F.; Abe, L.; Schneider, J.; Riaud, P.
HII/L2: A Mission Optimized for Mid- and Far-Infrared Astronomy 490 Nakagawa, T.; Matsuhara, H.; Matsumoto, T.; Murakami, H.; Okuda, H.; Hayashi, M.; Matsuo, H.; Tamura, M.; Kawada, M.; Shibai, H.; Onaka, T.; Ueno, M.
MIRIFS: Mid-Infrared Integral Field Spectrograph for NGST 495 Posselt, W.; Wright, G.; Lagage, P. O.; Le Fèvre, O.
Mechanically Actuated Reconfigurable Slits (MARS) for an NGST Multi-Object Spectrograph 505 Roberts, S.; Anthony, A.; Abbott, C.; Gaunt, R.; Kabush, G.; McIlwain, A.; Vrooman, R; Booey, D.; Hill, A.; Taylor, K.; Townsend, B.
DCATT Dispersed Fringe Sensor: Modeling and Experimenting with the Transmissive Phase Plates 510 Shi, F.; Redding, D.; Lowman, A.; Basinger, S.; Bowyers, C.; Davila, P.; Wilson, M.; Norton, T.; Boucarut, R.; Petrone, P.
ASTRO-F: The Infrared Imaging Surveyor (IRIS) Project 516 Shibai, H.
Imaging Studies of Circumstellar Disks with NGST 521 Stapelfeldt, K.
NGST VI/MOS: A Virtual Next-Generation Space Telescope Visible Imager and Multi-Object Spectrograph 526 Steinbring, E.
Design and Testing of a Cryogenic Magnetostrictive Actuator Array 532 Voccio, J. P.