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Paper: Canadian Near-IR MOS/IFS Concept for NGST
Volume: 207, NGST Science and Technology Exposition
Page: 149
Authors: Crampton, D.; Roberts, S.; Herriot, G.; Lilly, S.; Bakshi, S.; Parameswaran, A.; Syrzycki, M.; Steinbring, E.; Nahon, M.; Sharf, I.; Buckham, B.; Erickson, D.; Carretero, J.; Abbott, C.; Gaunt, R.; Kabush, G.; McIlwain, A.; Vrooman, R.; Booey, D.; Hill, A.; Taylor, K.; Townsend, D.; Richardson, E. H.; Bell, A.; Buttner, G.; Evans, C.; Maule, D.; Rowlands, N.
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