Title: Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems VIII
Volume: 172 Year: 1999 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Mehringer, David M.; Plante, Raymond L.; Roberts, Douglas A.
ISBN: 1-886733-94-5 eISBN: 978-1-58381-508-3
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Paper Title Page Authors
The Gemini Data Handling System: A Case History 3 Gaudet, Séverin; Hill, Norman R.; Dunn, Jennifer; Jaeger, Shannon; Cockayne, Steve
From a ``Launch Readiness'' System to an Astronomical Data Processing System -- a Review of Four Years of CIA Development 7 Ott, S.; Gastaud, R.; Guest, S.; Delaney, M.; Altieri, B.; Ali, B.; Abergel, A.; Auguéres, J.-L.; Aussel, H.; Bernard, J.-P.; Biviano, A.; Blommaert, J.; Boulade, O.; Boulanger, F.; Cesarsky, C.; Cesarsky, D.; Chary, R.-R.; Charmandaris, V.; Claret, A.; Delattre, C.; Désert, F.-X.; Deschamps, T.; Didelon, P.; Elbaz, D.; Gallais, P.; Ganga, K.; Helou, G.; Kong, M.; Lacombe, F.; Landriu, D.; Laurent, O.; Coupanec, P. Le; Li, J.; Metcalfe, L.; Okumura, K.; Perault, M.; Pollock, A.; Roman, P.; Rouan, D.; Rupen, M.; Lone, J. Sam; Sauvage, M.; Siebenmorgen, R.; Starck, J.-L.; Tran, D.; van Buren, D.; Vigroux, L.; Vivares, F.
ORAC-DR: Pipelining With Other People's Code 11 Economou, Frossie; Bridger, Alan; Wright, Gillian S.; Jenness, Tim; Currie, Malcolm J.; Adamson, Andy
Status and Future Plans for Parallelization of AIPS++ 15 Roberts, Douglas A.; Crutcher, Richard; Young, Wes; Kemball, Athol J.
A ``Scientific'' Approach to Software Project Management Part I: A Survey of Development Methodologies in Scientific Computing 19 Granados, Arno F.
Systemization and Use of Atomic Data for Astrophysical Modeling 25 Brickhouse, Nancy S.
Cosmology from High Redshift Supernovae 33 Garnavich, Peter
Large Scale Clustering in the Universe -- A Package of Codes 38 Valtchanov, Ivan
A Method to Test the Adequacy of a Model to Observations 42 Tsvetkov, Alexander
Time Domain Analysis of Solar Coronal Structures Through Hough Transform TEC hniques 46 Llebaria, A.; Lamy, P.
Automated Programming and Neutrino (Astro)Physics 50 Maris, Michele
The Next Generation User Support Tools 57 Koratkar, Anuradha; Grosvenor, Sandy
Results from the NOAO Telescope Proposal Process Workshop 65 Pilachowski, Caty; Barnes, Jeannette
A VBA Desktop Database for Proposal Processing at National Optical Astronomy Observatories 69 Brown, Christa L.
TransVERSE: an Architecture for Configuring Astronomical Observations 73 Curtis, Gary; Donaldson, Tom; Douglas, Rob; Gerb, Andy; Giuliano, Mark; Nigro, Natalie
Small, Fast and Reusable: A Satellite Planning and Scheduling System 77 Kleiner, Steven
Recent Improvements to HST Parallel Scheduling 81 Henry, Ronald; Butschky, Mike
A Radical Approach to Software Modularity in Telescope Control Software 87 Clark, M. H.
The Green Bank Telescope Laser Metrology Computer Control System 91 Creager, Ramón E.
Remote Observing With Java 95 Shukla, Hemant; Scott, Stephen; Weaver, Simon
Real-Time Linux Driving a Spectrometer 99 Teuben, Peter; Harris, Andrew; Isaak, Kate; Morgan, James; Zmuidzinas, Jonas
NASA's Instrument Control Markup Language (ICML) 103 Ames, Troy J.; Sall, Kenneth B.; Warsaw, Craig E.
The Scientific Uplink System for SIRTF, a Design Study 107 Heinrichsen, Ingolf; Hartley, Booth; Narron, Bob; Potts, Su; Turek, Gabriella; Valjavec, Emmanuel; Wu, Xiuqin
Distribution of the OPUS Data Processing System 111 Swade, Daryl A.; Rose, James F.
CICADA -- Configurable Instrument Control and Data Acquisition 115 Young, Peter J.; Roberts, William H.; Sebo, Kim M.
Novel Use of a Simulator for the Calibrations of Scientific Instruments 119 Erd, Christian; Jansen, Fred; Brumfitt, Jon; Beijersbergen, Marco; Gondoin, Philippe; Siddiqui, Hassan; Bakker, Jorgo; Videler, Peter; Jalota, Lalit
A Scheme for Compressing Floating-Point Images 125 White, Richard L.; Greenfield, Perry
Adaptive, Lossless Compression of 2-D Astronomical Images 129 Sabbey, C. N.
Contour-Based Image Compression for Fast Real-Time Coding 133 Vasilyev, Sergei
Data Compression for NGST 137 Nieto-Santisteban, María A.; Fixsen, Dale J.; Offenberg, Joel D.; Hanisch, Robert J.; Stockman, H. S. (Peter)
Cosmic Ray Rejection with NGST 141 Offenberg, Joel D.; Sengupta, Ratnabali; Fixsen, Dale J.; Stockman, Peter; Nieto-Santisteban, Maria; Stallcup, Scott; Hanisch, Robert; Mather, John C.
Automated Programming and Simulations of Signal Compression from the Cosmic Microwave Background for the Planck Low Frequency Instrument 145 Maris, M.; Pasian, F.; Smareglia, R.; Maino, D.; Burigana, C.; Staniszkis, M.; Barriga, J.
Pipeline Processing of Data in the VLT ERA 151 Grosböl, Preben; Banse, Klaus; Ballester, Pascal
The Client Server Design of the Gemini Data Handling System 155 Hill, Norman; Gaudet, Séverin; Dunn, Jennifer; Jaeger, Shannon; Cockayne, Steve
Interfacing with the Gemini Data Handling System 159 Jaeger, Shannon; Dunn, Jennifer; Cockayne, Steve; Gaudet, Séverin; Hill, Norman
The Gemini Quick Look System 163 Hill, Norman; Gaudet, Séverin; Dunn, Jennifer; Jaeger, Shannon; Cockayne, Steve
Handling Chunks of Image Data in the Gemini Data Handling System 167 Dunn, Jennifer; Jaeger, Shannon; Hill, Norm; Gaudet, Séverin; Cockayne, Steve
The SCUBA Data Reduction Pipeline: ORAC-DR at the JCMT 171 Jenness, Tim; Economou, Frossie
Data Reduction of Jittered Infrared Images Using the ORAC Pipeline 175 Currie, Malcolm; Wright, Gillian; Bridger, Alan; Economou, Frossie
A Broadband Wide-Field Survey on the Isaac Newton Telescope 179 Lewis, James R.; Bunclark, P. S.; Walton, N. A.
A Pipeline Tool for CCD Image Processing 183 Bell, Jon F.; Young, Peter J.; Roberts, William H.; Sebo, Kim M.
On-The-Fly Calibration at STScI 187 Lubow, Stephen; Pollizzi, Joseph
On The Fly Re-calibration of NICMOS and STIS Data 191 Micol, Alberto; Durand, Daniel; Pirenne, Benoît; Gaudet, Séverin; Hodge, Phil
OAPI: the OPUS Application Programming Interface 195 Miller, Walter W., III
The STScI HST Astrometry Pipeline 199 Schultz, John J.; Goldstein, Philip; Hyde, Pete; Rose, Mary Alice; Steuerman, Keneth; Baum, John; Perrine, Rick; Swade, Daryl A.
An On-the-fly Calibration Pipeline for the HST WFPC-2 using OPUS 203 Swam, Michael S.; Swade, Daryl A.
Automated Software for Slitless Spectroscopy Analysis and Quasar Selection 207 Sabbey, C. N.
A Search and Discovery Tool -- AMASE 213 Cheung, Cynthia Y.; Roussopoulos, Nick; Kelley, Stephen; Blackwell, James
Web-Based Tools For Exploration of ADC Data Holdings and NASA Data Archives 217 Kargatis, V. E.; Shaya, E. J.; Blackwell, J. H.; Borne, K. D.; White, R. A.; Cheung, C. Y.
Astrobrowse: a Web Agent for Querying Astronomical Databases 221 Heikkila, Christina W.; McGlynn, Thomas A.; White, Nicholas E.
The Distributed Astronomical Preprint Service 225 Huizinga, J. E.; Hanisch, Robert J.; Payne, H. E.; Williamson, R. L.
ALADIN: A Reference Tool for Identification of Astronomical Sources 229 Bonnarel, François; Fernique, Pierre; Genova, Françoise; Bartlett, James G.; Bienaymé, Olivier; Egret, Daniel; Florsch, Joseph; Ziaeepour, Houri; Louys, Mireille
The Multimission Archive at Space Telescope 233 Christian, Damian; Abney, Faith; Comeau, Thomas; Hanisch, Robert; Harrison, Jill; Imhoff, Catherine; Kidwell, Richard; Kimball, Timothy; Levay, Karen; Padovani, Paolo; Postman, Marc; Richon, Joel; Smith, Myron; Thompson, Randall
A System for On-line Access to the GSC II 237 Baruffolo, Andrea; Benacchio, Leopoldo; Benfante, Lucio
Numerical Observatory: a Web Site for the Retrieval, Analysis, and Visualiza tion of Simulated Cluster Data 241 Daues, Greg; Currie, Christopher; Anninos, Peter; Kohler, Larissa; Shalf, John; Norman, Michael
Spiders and Camels and Sybase! Oh, My! 245 Barg, Irene; Ferro, Anthony J.; Stobie, Elizabeth
User Defined Functions for the ISO POST Mission Archive 249 Wieprecht, Ekkehard; Vandenbussche, Bart; Wiezorrek, Erich; Steinle, Helmut; Bauer, Otto H.; Arviset, Christophe; Hernandez, Jose; Plug, Arno M.; Saxton, Richard
Using a Java Web-based Graphical User Interface to access the SOHO Data Arch ive 253 Scholl, I.; Girard, Y.; Bykowski, A.
Webmail: an Automated Web Publishing System 257 Bell, David
Study to Install an Information System at the University of the Istanbul Ast ronomy and Space Sciences Department 261 Gülseçen, S.; Gülseçen, H.; Caiískan, H.; Ak, T.
Archive Storage Subsystem for the ESO VLT 265 Dunn, Jennifer; Cockayne, Steve; Gaudet, Séverin; Jaeger, Shannon; Albrecht, Miguel
The Prospects of DVD-R for Storing Astronomical Archive Data 269 Pirenne, Benoît; Albrecht, Miguel; Schilling, Jörg
Formatting Journal Tables in XML at the ADC 274 Shaya, Edward; Blackwell, Jim; Gass, Jim; Kargatis, Vincent; Schneider, Gail; Borne, Kirk; Cheung, Cynthia; White, Richard
An Application of XML and XLink Using a Graph-Partitioning Method and a Density Map for Information Retrieval and Knowledge Discovery 278 Guillaume, Damien; Murtagh, Fionn
Extracting Information from Text Data Bases 283 Albrecht, Rudolf; Merkl, Dieter
Co-occurrence Evidence for Subject Vocabulary Reconciliation in ADS Databases 287 Lee, Jonghoon; Dubin, David S.; Kurtz, Michael J.
The ADS Bibliographic Reference Resolver 291 Accomazzi, Alberto; Eichhorn, Guenther; Kurtz, Michael J.; Grant, Carolyn S.; Murray, Stephen S.
Computational Technology for Bayesian Inference 297 Loredo, Thomas J.
The Pixon Method of Image Reconstruction 307 Puetter, Richard C.; Yahil, Amos
Algorithms for CCD Stellar Photometry 317 Mighell, Kenneth J.
Joint Processing of Radio Data Produced by the SSRT Together With Data of OT HER Spectral Ranges 329 Grechnev, V. V.; Altyntsev, A. T.; Konovalov, S. K.; Lesovoi, S. V.
Infrared Jitter Imaging Data Reduction: Algorithms and Implementation 333 Devillard, Nicolas
Combining Undersampled Dithered Data -- A Review of the Options 337 Hook, Richard N.; Pirzkal, Norbert; Fruchter, Andrew S.
Quadrant DC Offset Removal in NICMOS Images Using an Eye-pleasing Criterion 341 Busko, I.
Data Structure and Software of the UCAC-S Project 345 Zacharias, Norbert; Zacharias, Marion I.
Automatic Detection of Linear Features in Astronomical Images 349 Cheselka, Matthew
Modern CCD Observations of Moving Celestial Objects: Algorithms and Software for Interactive Processing 353 Bykov, Oleg
DASH -- Distributed Analysis System Hierarchy 357 Yagi, Masafumi; Mizumoto, Yoshihiko; Nishihara, Eiji; Yoshida, Michitoshi; Asai, Ryo; Chikada, Yoshihiro; Kosugi, George; Takata, Tadafumi; Ogasawara, Ryusuke; Ishihara, Yasuhide; Yanaka, Hiroshi; Morita, Yasuhiro; Nakamoto, Hiroyuki
The IUE High Dispersion Spectra Processing in IRAF 361 Skoda, Petr
Optimizing Functions Using ASCFIT 365 Grumm, David
References for Galaxy Clusters Database 371 Kalinkov, M.; Valtchanov, I.; Kuneva, I.
R-Trees for Astronomical Data Indexing 375 Baruffolo, Andrea
ESO/CDS Data-mining Tool Development Project 379 Ortiz, Patrcio F.; Ochsenbein, François; Wicenec, Andreas; Albrecht, Miguel
StarView II: A Customizable Query Generation Tool 383 Kennedy, Bridget; Mayhew, Bruce
Application of the Minimum Determination Algorithm to the Study of the Fine Structure in the Mass-Luminosity Relation and of the Nature of ``Overmassive'' Stars 387 Malkov, Oleg; Kovaleva, Dana; Schilbach, Elena
IDL-based Database of Solar Active Regions 391 Gary, D. E.; Grechnev, V. V.; Shabarova, L. V.; Vourlidas, A.; Nishio, M.
Zero-Points of FOS Wavelength Scales 395 Rosa, Michael R.; Kerber, Florian
Background Fluctuation Analysis from the Multiscale Entropy 399 Gastaud, R.; Starck, J.-L.; Pierre, M.
A New Entropy Measure Based on Multiple Resolution and Noise Modeling 403 Murtagh, Fionn; Starck, Jean-Luc
Data Retrieval Software for the USNO-A Catalog: Another Member of the -DARES Family 407 Malkov, Oleg; Smirnov, Oleg
Development of a Java-Based Image Browser System for the SUBARU Telescope 413 Baba, Hajime; Yasuda, Naoki; Ichikawa, Shin-Ichi; Watanabe, Masaru; Horaguchi, Toshihiro; Hamabe, Masaru; Aoki, Wako; Ozawa, Tomohiko
A Java--IRAF Spectrum Visualization Tool 417 Busko, I.
A Program Complex Equipped With a GUI for Investigation of 3D Structure of S olar Magnetic Fields 421 Rudenko, G. V.; Grechnev, V. V.
Xguiphot: A New Aperture Photometry Tool for IRAF 425 Davis, Lindsey E.
SAOTk: Tcl/Tk Widgets for Imaging and Data Visualization 429 Joye, William; Mandel, Eric
Converging Horizons: Collaborative 2/3D Visualization Tools for Astronomy 433 Plante, Raymond L.; Rajlich, Paul J.; Pietrowitz, Steve; Xie, Wei; Qamar, Asif
DASHA-2: Improving Visualization and Processing of Photometric Data with IDL Objects 437 Smirnov, Oleg
XSKYMAP 2: A Multi-Catalog Visualization Facility 442 Smirnov, Oleg; Malkov, Oleg
Image Display Paradigm #3 445 Lytle, Dyer; Stobie, Elizabeth; Ferro, Anthony; Barg, Irene
Starlink's Software Distribution System 451 Bly, Martin J.
Design Study on Integration of StarView II and JIPA Using Advanced Java Mech anisms 454 Dolensky, Markus; Mayhew, Bruce; Kennedy, Bridget
Enhancements by Mapping with the ISOPHOT Interactive Analysis (PIA) 458 Gabriel, Carlos
DISH: The Single Dish Environment in AIPS++ 462 Garwood, Robert W.; McMullin, Joseph P.
Some Astrophysical and Instrumental Applications of AIPS++ 466 McMullin, Joseph P.; Garwood, Robert W.; Minter, Anthony H.
Automated Programming for Physics and Astrophysics 470 Maris, Michele; Staniszkis, Maria
The Faint Object Spectrograph Post-COSTAR Spectropolarimetry Correction 474 de La Peña, M.; Bushouse, H.; Storrs, A.; Koratkar, A.; Keyes, C.; Allen, R.
Python in Astronomy 479 Pirzkal, Norbert; Hook, Richard N.
PyFITS, a FITS Module for Python 483 Barrett, P. E.; Bridgman, W. T.
CFITSIO, v2.0: A New Full-Featured Data Interface 487 Pence, William
The STSDAS Table Selector Library 490 Simon, Bernard; Hodge, Philip
Perl at the Joint Astronomy Centre 494 Jenness, Tim; Economou, Frossie; Tilanus, Remo P. J.; Best, Casey; Prestage, Richard M.; Shimek, Pam; Glazebrook, Karl; Farrell, Tony J.
WCSTools: an Image Astrometry Toolkit 498 Mink, Douglas J.
CIRSI Data Reduction System -- CIRDR 502 Chan, S. J.; Persson, S. E.; McMahon, R. G.; Mackay, C. D.; Ellis, R.; Beckett, M. G.; Hoenig, M.
Demonstration of Parallel AIPS++ Deconvolution Application 506 Young, Wes; Roberts, Douglas A.