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Paper: Application of the Minimum Determination Algorithm to the Study of the Fine Structure in the Mass-Luminosity Relation and of the Nature of ``Overmassive'' Stars
Volume: 172, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems VIII
Page: 387
Authors: Malkov, Oleg; Kovaleva, Dana; Schilbach, Elena
Abstract: The available observational data on masses and/or luminosities of binary components and the current models for different chemical compositions of Pop I stars were used to improve the mass-luminosity relation for stars of moderate masses. We have developed a technique of simultaneous minimization of the discrepancies between the predicted and observed masses/radii, assuming equal ages and chemical compositions of binary system components. The method of descending coordinates was used to optimize the observed and theoretical parameters. This technique was also applied to decompose the low-mass components of several stars suspected to be unresolved binaries. In order to explain the offsets of these stars from the ``normal'' location in the mass-luminosity plane, we computed the most probable masses and luminosities of their hidden components.
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