Title: Harmonizing Cosmic Distance Scales in a Post-Hipparcos Era
Volume: 167 Year: 1999 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Egret, Daniel; Heck, Andre
ISBN: 1-886733-88-0 eISBN: 978-1-58381-503-8
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Paper Title Page Authors
Global Space Astrometry: Impact on cosmic distance scale 1 Turon, C.; Perryman, M. A. C.
Distances and absolute magnitudes from trigonometric parallaxes 13 Arenou, Frédéric; Luri, Xavier
Determination of the LMC distance modulus from the Classical Cepheid Period-Luminosity relation 33 Luri, Xavier; Torra, J.; Figueras, F.; Gómez, M. J.; Goupil, A. E.; Beaulieu, J. P.
Science with the Space Interferometry Mission 38 Shao, J.; Unwin, S.; Pitesky, M.
GAIA : Design and Science 44 Mignard, F.
Open Cluster Distances from Hipparcos parallaxes 52 van Leeuwen, Floor
Main sequences of open clusters with Hipparcos 72 Robichon, N.; Arenou, F.; Lebreton, Y.; Turon, C.; Mermilliod, J. C.
The Hyades Main Sequence from Improved Hipparcos Parallaxes 78 Madsen, Søren
Cepheid Standard Candles 84 Tanvir, N. R.
Populating the HR Diagram with the Hipparcos Catalogue 101 Casertano, Stefano; Ratnatunga, Kavan U.
δ Scuti variables as precise distance indicators 107 Petersen, J. O.
The Cepheid Distance Scale after Hipparcos 113 Pont, Frédéric
Horizontal-Branch Stars: Their nature and their absolute magnitude 129 de Boer, Klaas S.
The Distance Scale to Globular Clusters 140 Cacciari, Carla
Helium Core Flash and Tip of RedGiant Branch Distances 161 Madore, Barry F.; Freedman, Wendy L.
Future Directions for the Planetary Nebula Luminosity Function 175 Jacoby, George H.; Ciardullo, Robin; Feldmeier, John J.
Reconstructing Cepheid Light Curves 192 Hendry, M. A.; Tanvir, N. R.; Kanbur, S. M.
Testing the Cepheid P-L relation using Optical and K-band Imaging 198 Hoyle, Fiona; Shanks, Tom; Tanvir, Nial
The Luminosity Function of Globular Clusters as an Extragalactic Distance Indicator 204 Tammann, G. A.; Sandage, A.
The Distance Scale from Supernovae Ia 217 Macchetto, F. D.
A Test of Tully-Fisher Distance Estimates Using Cepheids and Type Ia Supernovae. 230 Shanks, T.
Carl Wilhelm Wirtz - Pioneer in Cosmic Dimensions 237 Seitter, Waltraut C.; Duerbeck, Hilmar W.
New Results on the Cepheid Distance Scale 243 Barnes, Thomas G., III; Jefferys, William H.
Constraints on the Age of the Galactic Thick Disk from a Sample of Hipparcos Turnoff Stars 247 Bartkevičius, A.; Lazauskaite, R.; Bartašiute, S.
A Comparison of ground-based Cepheid P-L Relations with HIPPARCOS Parallaxes 251 Baumgardt, H.; Dettbarn, C.; Fuchs, B.; Rockmann, J.; Wielen, R.
Biases in the Main Sequence Fitting Distances to Globular Clusters based on the Hipparcos Catalogue 255 Carretta, Eugenio; Gratton, Raffaele G.; Clementini, Gisella; Fusi Pecci, Flavio
Maximum Likelihood Estimation of the Mean Parallax and Kinematic Parameters of the Pleiades 259 Li, Chen; Junliang, Zhao
A test of B-type star distance calibrations via the Hipparcos parallax data 263 Kaltcheva, N.
Revisiting Hipparcos parallaxes of nearby stars using Tycho observations 267 Makarov, V. V.; Fabricius, C.
Recent Progress in Quantitative Spectral Classification from Stellar Spectral Libraries 271 Malyuto, V.; Schmidt-Kaler, Th.
Theoretical Models for Classical Cepheids: P-L and P-L-C Relation 275 Marconi, M.
Distance Measurements via Surface Brightness Fluctuations in the K' Band 279 Mei, S.; Silva, D. R.; Quinn, P. J.
Calibration of Photometric Absolute Magnitudes for Subdwarfs with Hipparcos 284 Meillon, L.; Crifo, F.; Cayrel, R.; Perrin, M.-N.; Gómez, A. E.
Metallicity effects on synthetic Cepheid Period-Luminosity relations 288 Musella, I.
Parallaxes and Luminosities of Moderately Hot Stars with Photometric Boxes 292 Nicolet, Bernard
A Search for Star Clusters from the Hipparcos Data 296 Platais, I.; Kozhurina-Platais, V.; van Leeuwen, F.
Space versus ground: A confrontation between Hipparcos and orbital parallaxes 300 Pourbaix, D.; Lampens, P.
The revised CORS method: a test based on synthetic Cepheid models 304 Ripepi, V.; Marconi, M.; Russo, G.; Bono, G.
How precisely could global topology determine distances? 308 Roukema, B. F.
The Torino Observatory Parallax Program First Results and the Future 312 Smart, R. L.; Lattanzi, M. G.; Marocco, F.; Massone, G.
The absolute magnitude of RR Lyraes: from Hipparcos parallaxes and proper motions 316 Solano, E.; Barnes, T. G.
The Metallicity Effect on the Cepheid P-L relation from SMC Cepheids 320 Storm, Jesper; Carney, Bruce W.; Fry, Anne M.
A Post-Hipparcos Calibration of the Vilnius Photometric System 324 Straižys, V.; Kazlauskas, A.; Bartašiute, S.
The Study of Peculiar Velocities in the Local Universe through Bias Corrected Tully-Fisher Distances 328 Theureau, Gilles
The Absolute Magnitude of RR Lyrae Stars derived from the Hipparcos Catalogue 332 Tsujimoto, Takuji; Yoshii, Yuzuru
The Distance of the Globular Cluster 47 Tucanae via the White Dwarf Cooling Sequence 336 Zoccali, M.; Ortolani, S.; Renzini, A.; Gilmozzi, R.; Bragaglia, A.; Ferraro, F. R.