Title: Ultraviolet-Optical Space Astronomy Beyond HST
Volume: 164 Year: 1999 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Morse, Jon A.; Shull, J. Michael; Kinney, Anne L.
ISBN: 1-886733-85-6 eISBN: 978-1-58381-500-7
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Paper Title Page Authors
Ultraviolet-Optical Space Astronomy - Past, Present, and Future 3 Savage, B. D.
Keynote Speech 15 Giacconi, R.
Extragalactic Science Panel Discussion 23 O'Connell, R. W.
Galactic Science Panel Discussion 26 Linsky, J. L.
Planetary Science Panel Discussion 33 Clarke, J. T.
Technology Panel Discussion 37 Hasan, H.
The Lyman-α Forest and Galaxy Formation 41 Bechtold, J.
Ultraviolet Absorption from the Intergalactic Medium 48 Tytler, D.
The Ultraviolet Background Radiation 56 Deharveng, J.-M.
UV Diagnostics of the Interaction between Starburst Galaxies and the Intergalactic Medium 66 Martin, C. L.
The Future of Optical/UV Observations of AGN 78 Krolik, J. H.
The Spectral Evolution of Elliptical Galaxies in the Ultraviolet: UV Upturn as an Age Indicator 86 Lee, Y. W.; Yi, S.
Spectropolarimetry and Imaging Polarimetry 90 Hillier, D. J.
Cool Stars: Imaging and Spectroscopy 102 Dupree, A. K.
UV Mission Objectives: Understanding the Temperature Minimum Region of Late-type Stars 112 Morossi, C.; Franchini, M.; Malagnini, M. L.
Frontiers in Absorption Line Spectroscopy of the Interstellar Medium of the Galaxy 118 Jenkins, E. B.; Wallerstein, G.
The Properties of Novae in the LMC and Beyond 131 Starrfield, S.; Vanlandingham, K. M.; Schwarz, G. J.; Hauschildt, P. H.; Shore, S. N.; Sonneborn, G.
The Search for Extrasolar Planets from Space at Optical and Ultraviolet Wavelengths 134 Latham, D. W.
Solar System Science: Outer Planets, Satellites, and Magnetospheres 142 McGrath, M. A.
Ultraviolet and Optical Observations of Comets 149 Festou, M. C.
The Prospects for Detecting Star-Grazing Planetesimals Around Young, Solar-Mass Stars 159 Grady, C. A.; Sitko, M. L.; Woodgate, B.
Space Telescope Imaging Spectrograph (STIS) Capabilities and Future Detector Prospects 166 Woodgate, B. E.; Kimble, R. A.
Performance of the Cosmic Origins Spectrograph for the Hubble Space Telescope 176 Green, J. C.; Morse, J. A.; Andrews, J.; Wilkinson, E.; Siegmund, O. H. W.; Ebbets, D.
The Galaxy Evolution Explorer 182 Martin, C. D.; Bianchi, L.; Donas, J.; Heckman, T.; Madore, B.; Malina, R.; Milliard, B.; Friedman, P.; Rich, M.; Schiminovich, D.; Siegmund, O.; Szalay, A.
The GALEX Science Data Archive: the Ultraviolet Digital Sky 194 Bianchi, L.; Szalay, A.; Heckman, T.; Martin, C.; Friedman, P.; Schiminovich, D.; Madore, B.; Milliard, B.; Malina, R.; Rich, M.
The Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explorer Mission: Exploring the Frontiers of the Ultraviolet Universe 199 Sembach, K.; Moos, H. W.
The Science Goals of the Next Generation Space Telescope 207 Gardner, J. P.
The Space Interferometry Mission 215 Unwin, S. C.; Turyshev, S. G.
The Spectrum UV Project and the High Resolution Double Spectrograph 223 Kappelmann, N.; Becker-Ross, H.; Florek, S.; Boyarchuk, A. A.; Shustov, B.; Grewing, M.; Steshenko, N. V.; Tanzi, E. G.; Barnstedt, J.; Krämer, G.; Werner, K.
Large Space Ultraviolet Observatory ST-2010: Initial Plans for a Moderate-Class UV/O Mission 229 Shull, J. M.
Testing NGST Segment Technology in a 3.5-m Space Telescope 234 Burge, J.; Angel, R.
Terrestrial Planet Finder and Other Early Space Interferometers 249 Noecker, M. C.
WSO: World Space Observatory - A Dream, A Welfare Program, or Our Best Chance for the Future? 261 Wamsteker, W.
The Far-Ultraviolet SpectroPolarimeter (FUSP) 268 Nordsieck, K. H.
CUVIT: The Canadian UV Imaging Telescope 274 Hutchings, J. B.
A Geosynchronous 2.4-meter UV/Optical Astrophysical Observatory 279 Haisch, B.; Robb, P.; Strong, K.; Shemansky, D.
A First Generation Lunar Ultraviolet Observatory 289 Chen, P. C.; Oliversen, R. J.; Kondo, Y.
MOES: The Minimal Optic Echelle Spectrometer 297 Dixon, W. V.; Hurwitz, M.; Sirk, M. M.; Jenkins, E. B.
The Observing Platform for Ultraviolet Solar System Science (OPUS3) 301 Harris, W. M.
Galmatheia: A Galactic Plasma Explorer 307 Edelstein, J.; Dixon, W. V.; Korpela, E.
The Mission Tree 317 Cash, W.
Instrumentation and Techniques for Diffuse/Multi-Object Ultraviolet Spectroscopy 322 Chakrabarti, S.; Cook, T. A.; Kamalabadi, F.; Cotton, D. M.; Taylor, V.; Godlin, S.; Vickers, J. S.
Wide-Band Dispersive Interferometric Spectroscopy 333 Edelstein, J.; Miller, T. N.
New Approach to Concept Feasibility and Design Studies for Astrophysics Missions 340 Deutsch, M.; McLaughlin, W.; Nichols, J.
The Complementary Role of Ground-Based & Space-Based Observatories 346 Green, R. F.
Optical Interferometry from Ground and Space 352 Ridgway, S. T.
Large Format CCD Arrays 364 Clampin, M.
Microchannel Plate Detector Technologies for Next Generation UV Instruments 374 Siegmund, O. H. W.
A Photon-Counting Intensified CID Detector for Space Astronomy 392 Kimble, R. A.; Norton, T. J.; Morrissey, P. F.
Superconducting Tunnel Junction Detectors for Optical and UV Astronomy 397 Jakobsen, P.
Optical Coatings and Materials for Ultraviolet Space Applications 406 Keski-Kuha, R. A. M.; Larruquert, J. I.; Gum, J. S.; Fleetwood, C. M.
Maturing and Developing Technologies for the Next Generation of UV Gratings 420 Wilkinson, E.
A General Method for Recording High Resolution Holographic Gratings by Using a Null Powered Multimode Deformable Mirror 428 Duban, M.; Lemaitre, G. R.; Malina, R. F.
Current and Planned FUV Technology Development at the Johns Hopkins University 437 McCandliss, S. R.; Feldman, P. D.; McPhate, J. B.; Burgh, E. B.; Pankratz, C.; Pelton, R.; Nikzad, S.; Siegmund, O.; Vallerga, J.
Ultraviolet-Optical Instrument Development in the Diffraction Grating Evaluation Facility 446 Boucarut, R.; Bush, F.; Content, D.; Leviton, D.; Madison, T.; Miner, L.; Norton, T.; Petrone, P., III; Puc, B.; Saha, T.; Standley, C.
FUV-NIR Filter Metrology in the GSFC Optics Branch 453 Content, D.; Leviton, D.; Boucarut, R.; Keski-Kuha, R.; Madison, T.; Miner, L.; Norton, T.; Petrone, P., III; Quijada, M.
Development and Status of a New Optical Technology for UV Space Astronomy 459 Chen, P. C.; Keski-Kuha, R. A. M.; Bowers, C. W.; Romeo, R. C.