Title: Laboratory and Astronomical High Resolution Spectra
Volume: 81 Year: 1995 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Sauval, A. J.; Blomme, R.; Grevesse, N.
ISBN: 1-886733-01-5 eISBN: 978-1-58381-417-8
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Paper Title Page Authors
Charles FIEVEZ; 13 Years of Spectroscopy at the Observatoire Royal de Bruxelles (1877-1890) 3 Sauval, A. J.
The Solar Spectrum: Atlases and Line Identifications 17 Kurucz, H. L.
Jungfraujoch Solar Atlases 32 Delbouille, L.; Roland, C.
The Solar Spectrum between 16 and 35 MU M 39 Farmer, C. B.; Delbouille, L.; Roland, C.; Servais, C.
Stratospheric Spectral Atlases in the Infrared 53 Goldman, A.
Kitt Peak Solar and Stellar Atlases 66 Hinkle, K. H.; Wallace, L.; Livingston, W.
Atomic and Molecular Data in Solar Photospheric Spectroscopy 74 Grevesse, N.; Noels, A.; Sauval, A. J.
Line Identification in ATMOS Solar Spectra 88 Geller, M.
An Ultraviolet Spectral Atlas of the Sun 1190 - 1730 A 102 Brekke, P.
Extreme Ultraviolet Spectrum of a Solar Active Region from SERTS 105 Thomas, H. J.; Neupert, W. M.
FTS Polarimetric Survey of the Infrared Solar Spectrum Between 1.0 and 2.5 MU M 107 Ruedi, I.; Solanki, S. K.; Livingston, W.; Harvey, J.
Solar Oscillator Strengths of Neutral Iron: the Influence of Line Formation Conditions in the Solar Atmosphere 109 Bikmaev, I. F.
Instrumentation for High Resolution Solar Spectroscopy 113 Delbouille, L.
Fourier spectroscopy from 10 (to the 9th) samples 127 Guelachvili, C.
A Method to Remove Fringing from FT-IR Spectra 138 Mellau, G. C.; Winnewisser, B. P.
Acousto-Optics Spectrometer: Application to Infrared Laser Heterodyne Spectrometry 140 Kalite, S.; Delahaigue, A.; Thomas, X.
Wavenumbers; Intensity and Line Broadening Measurements with a Diode-Laser Spectrometer 143 Lepere, M.; Blanquet, G.; Walrand, J.
Photometrical and Positional Accuracy of the Coud6-Echelle Grating Spectrometer of the SAO 1-in Telescope 146 Musaev, F. A.; Bikmaev, I. F.
High Resolution Spectroscopy of Singly Ionized Transition Elements 151 Johansson, S.
How Fourier Transform Spectroscopy Can Be Used for Measurement of Atomic Parameters of Astrophysical Importance 167 Litzen, U.
Recent Advances in the Spectra of Doubly Charged High-Z Ions of Astrophysical Interest 182 Wyart, J.-F.
Analysis of High-Resolution Laboratory Spectra of Iron and Identification of Fe I Lines in the Solar Spectrum 197 Nave, G.; Johansson, S.
UV Fourier Transform Spectroscopy and Term Analysis of CO I and CO II 204 Pickering, J. C.; Thorne, A. P.; Rosberg, M.
High Resolution Laser Spectroscopy of TI and TiO 212 Amiot, C.; Azaroual, E. M.; Luc, P.; Vetter, H.
Atomic Data of the Hydrogen Atom in Magnetic and Electric Fields Relevant to White Dwarf Stars 220 Fahbinder, P.; Schweizer, W.
UV Fourier Transform Spectroscopy of Emission Line Spectra 227 Learner, R. C. M.; Thorne, A. P.; Murray, J. E.; Semeniuk, J. I.
The Infrared Spectrum of Neutral Sulphur (S I) 229 Engleman, R., Jr.; Brault, J. W.
Fourier Transform Spectroscopy of Ionized Atoms using a Continuous Penning Discharge Source 231 Redfors, A.
A Progress Report on the Analysis of the AU II Spectrum 233 Rosberg, M.; Wyart, J.-F.
Fourier Transform Spectroscopy at Vacuum Ultraviolet Wavelengths 235 Thorne, A. P.; Cox, G.; Learner, R. C. M.; Smith, P. L.; Parkinson, W. H.
Improved Wavelengths and Extended Analysis of TI II 237 Zapadlik, I.; Johansson, S.; Litzen, U.
Isotope Shift in Pt II Observed in Laboratory FTS Spectra 239 Kalus, G. M.; Johansson, S.; Thorne, A. P.; Leckrone, D. S.; Wahlgren, G. M.
Extensive Computer FITS of Fourier Transform Wavenumbers - Accuracy better than 1 X l0 (to the minus 3) CM (to the minus 1) in Hyperfine Structure (HFS) Spectra of Complex Atoms. HFS Constants A and B; and Energies of Sublevels (in PA and Pr) 241 Ginibre, A.
Stark Broadening of MG I Spectral Lines of Astrophysical Interest 242 Dimitrijevic, M. S.; Sahal-Brechot, S.
On some Transition Probabilities of Neutral Phosphorus 245 Mazzoni, M.
Calculation of Transition Probabilities of Singly Ionized Transition Group Elements 248 Raassen, A. J. J.; Uylings, P. H. M.
Magnetic Field Effects and Ion Temperatures in Tokamak Plasmas 250 Hey, J. D.; Lie, Y. T.; Husbuldt, D.; Wienbeck, J.; Korten, M.; Hintz, E.
Transient Molecules of Astrophysical Interest: Laboratory Spectroscopy from IR to UV 255 Bernath, P. F.
Laboratory Millimeter Wave Spectroscopy of Neutral and Ionic Reactive Species 262 Demuynck, C.; Bolvin, H.; Bogey, M.; Cordonnier, M.; Destombes, J.-L.; Walters, A.
The Infrared Cubed II - Cubed Delta systems of ZrS and ZrO 276 Jonsson, J.; Lindgren, B.; Taklif, A. C.
Rotational Analysis of the Optogalvanic Spectrum of the Free Radical NH2 in the Range 6900 - 9000 Angstroms 282 Bolvin, H.; Demuynck, C.; Destombes, J.-L.; Bachir, I. Hadj; Huet, T. H.; Cireasa, R.; Vervloet, M.
The Rovibrational IR Spectrum of CO 288 Houeff, E.; Hure, J. M.
Fast Ion Beam Laser Spectroscopy 295 Roney, A.; Larzilliere, M.
Potential Applications of Infrared Heterodyne Spectrometers 305 Parvitte, B.; de Backer, M. R.; Courtois, D.; Thiebeaux, C.
The B{'1}sigma {=}-{u} arrow to D {1}II-{u} arrow to Chi{1} Sigma {+} -{g} Band Systems of Molecular Hydrogen 308 Abgrall, H.; Roueff, E.; Launay, F.; Roncin, J.-Y.
Atlas of the Vacuum Ultraviolet Emission Spectrum of H2 310 Roncin, J.-Y.; Launay, F.
Collisional Interference in the Rotational Spectrum of HD-He 312 Tabisz, G. C.; McQuarrie, B.; Gao, B.; Cooper, J.
The Bonn CO Laser Heterodyne Spectrometer: Secondary Frequency Standards and Very High Resolution Spectroscopy of Calibration Gases in the mid-IR 314 Wappelhorst, M. H.; George, T.; Saupe, S.; Meyer, B.; Urban, W.; Le Floch, A.; Maki, A. G.
High Resolution Extreme UV Absorption Spectroscopy on a Pulsed Supersonic Free Jet - Preliminary Study of Rydberg-Valence Interactions in four CO Isotopomers 316 Rostas, F.; Launay, F.; Eidelsberg, M.; Benharrous, M.; Blaess, C.; Huber, K. P.
High Resolution FUV Photoabsorption Cross Sections for CO and N2 at Vacuum Ultraviolet Wavelengthst H 317 Smith, P. L.; Yoshino, K.; Stark, G.; Ito, K.
A New Electronic Transition of CH{+} 319 Macau-Hercot, D.; Remy, F.; Dubois, F.; Bredohl, H.; Some, E.; Breton, J.
A New Analysis of the OH Radical Spectrum from Solar Infrared Observations 320 Melen, F.; Grevesse, N.; Delbouille, L.; Roland, G.; Servais, C.; Sauval, A. J.; Farmer, C. B.
The octad of interacting vibrational states of methane 322 Hilico, J.-C.; Tonmi, S.; Brown, L. R.
High Resolution mm-Wave Spectroscopy of CCH3I in an Excited Vibrationa State 325 Buffa, G.; Carocci, S.; di Lieto, A.; Minguzzi, P.; Quochi, F.; Tarrini, O.; Tonelli, M.
The High Resolution Infrared Spectrum of Dicyanoacetylene 327 Winther, F.
A Full JAM Analysis of Torsion in the Ground State Millimeter Wave Spectrum of Methyl Formate 329 Nadgaran, H.; Baker, J. G.
Comparison between Single-State and Global FITS to the Millimeter Wave Spectra of Acetaldehyde in Excited Torsional States 332 Nadgaran, H.; Baker, J. G.
Absolute Line Intensities in the V -{9} Region (420 to 480 cm{-1}) of HNO3 by TDL Spectroscopy 335 Sirota, J. M.; Weber, M.; Steyert, D.; Reuter, D.; Perrin, A.; Flaud, J.-M.
Absolute Intensities for the (v-{1} + 2v{2}-{2}) II back arrow 3v{3}-{2} Band in Carbon Dioxide 338 Sirota, J. M.; Weber, M.; Steyert, D.; Reuter, D.
Current Spectroscopy of Planetary Atmospheres: from the Infrared to the Millimetric Range 343 Maillard, J. P.
Spectra of Comets: Ultraviolet and Optical Regions 362 Arpigny, C.
Spectra of Comets: Infrared and Radio Regions 383 Crovisier, J.
Laboratory Infrared Spectroscopy of Molecules Detected in the Titan Atmosphere 396 Arie, E.; Bezard, B.; Blanquet, G.; Coustenis, A.; Encrenaz, T.; Fayt, A.; Graner, G.; Johns, J. W. C.; Mbosei, L.; Walrand, J.
The Emission of Atomic Lines after the Impact of Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 on Jupiter 404 Barucci, A.; Roos-Serote, M.; Fulchignoni, M.; Lecacheux, J.; Crovisier, J.; Drossart, P.; Roques, F.
Analysis and Modelling of Laboratory Emission Spectra of N2 in View of Application to Titan and Triton VUV Emissions 406 Edwards, S.; Tchang-Brillet, W.-U. L.; Launay, F.; Rostas, F.; Honcin, J.-Y.
Current Status of High Resolution/High Signal-to-Noise Interstellar Spectroscopy: Capabilities, Successes, and Needs 411 Cardelli, J. A.
Atomic and Molecular Data for Studies Involving Interstellar Spectroscopy 427 Federman, S. R.
Transient Molecules in Space: Identification and Importance in Astrophysics 438 Guelin, M.
IMAPS Observations of Interstellar Absorption Lines between 950 and 1150 Angstroms at 2 km/s Resolution 453 Jenkins, E. B.
The Warm Component of the LISM: Cloud Diagnostics via High Resolution, High S/N Spectroscopy 459 Rodriguez Alamo, J.; Beckman, J. E.; Trapero, J.; Lundstrom, I.
Empirical Determinations of f-Values from Interstellar Lines 462 Sofia, U. J.; Cardelli, J. A.; Savage, B. D.
Line and Element Identifications in CP Stars: History, Techniques, Results, and Prospectus 467 Cowley, C. R.
Spectroscopy of Molecules in Circumstellar Envelopes 482 Hinkle, K. H.
High Resolution Spectroscopy of Late-type Stars 496 Jorgensen, U. C.
Interpreting High-Resolution Ultraviolet Stellar Spectra 515 Wahlgren, G. M.
Magnetic Splitting and Identification of Spectral Lines in AP Stars 531 Mathys, G.; Lanz, T.
Unpredicted Lines in the Ultraviolet Spectra of B-type Stars 538 Castelli, F.; Bonifacio, P.; Hack, M.; Parthasarathy, M.
Spectroscopic and Photometric Observations of gamma CAS 541 Xiao-Zhen, G.; Jun-Jie, W.
Analysis of Winebottle-type Emission Lines of Be stars 544 Hummel, W.; Vrancken, M.
High Resolution Spectroscopy of Pulsating Stars: The Need of Accurate Laboratory Wavelengths 547 Mathias, P.
The Ultraviolet and Visible High Resolution Spectra of A-type Supergiants 549 Verdugo, E.; Talavera, A.
NH3 and C25 Radio Observations in BOK Globules and around Herbig Ae/Be Stars 551 Scappini, F.; Codella, C.
Overlapping Lines on the Li I A 6708 Doublet 553 Gerbaldi, M.; Faraggiana, H.
Properties of HgMn Spectroscopic Binaries from High Spectral Resolution Observations 555 Hubrig, S.; Mathys, G.
Astrophysical MN II Oscillator Strength Determinations Based on High Resolution Stellar Spectra 557 Ryabchikova, T.
Line Identifications in Goddard High Resolution Spectrograph Observations of Cool, High-Luminosity Stars 559 Carpenter, K. G.; Robinson, R. D.
A Tabular Approach for Calculating Line Haze in Stellar Spectra 561 Larson, A. M.; Irwin, A. W.
The Use of Diatomic Molecular Spectra Data in the Abundance Analysis of Cool Giant Atmospheres 564 Shavrina, A. V.; Yakovina, L. A.
Molecules in the Atmospheres of Brown Dwarfs 566 Tsuji, T.
The Abundances of Thorium and Tellurium in Procyon 568 Gopka, V. F.; Yushchenko, A. V.; Dulapchi, I. F.
Thorium Spectral Lines and the Age of the Galaxy: Spectroscopic Difficulties 570 da Silva, L.; de La Reza, R.
Semiregular Variables with Technetium !? 572 Lebzelter, T.; Hron, J.
Barium Abundances of 20 Metal Deficient Stars 574 Zhao, G.; Magain, P.
Elemental Abundances in the Atmospheres of three Metal-Deficient Giants 577 Mishenina, T. V.; Klochkova, V. C.; Panchuk, V. E.
Investigation of the 11-90 Giant in the Globular Cluster M13 579 Klochkova, V. G.; Panchuk, V. E.; Mishenina, T. V.
An Atomic and Molecular Data Bank for Stellar Spectroscopy 583 Kurucz, R. L.
Needs for Improved Laboratory Wavelength Measurements in the EUV 589 Brekke, P.; Hassler, D. M.
A proposal for a Centre for Spectroscopic Studies: Coordination and Collaboration in Stellar Spectroscopy 595 Griffin, R. E.
NIST laboratory program on atomic spectroscopic data for astronomy 597 Martin, W. C.; Dalton, G. R.; Fuhr, J. R.; Kelleher, D. E.; Kramida, A.; Mohr, P. J.; Musgrove, A.; Reader, J.; Saloman, E. B.; Sansonetti, C. J.; Sugar, J.; Wiersma, G. G.; Wiese, W. L.; Zucker, D.; Blaise, J.; Wyart, J.-F.; Eichhorn, G.; Grant, C. S.
Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Data for the FUSE Mission 602 Sonneborn, G.
Listserver for Spectroscopic Data Needs 607 Nave, G.
An "Atomic Line Shapes and Shifts Bibliography" Data Base 608 Lesage, A.; Fuhr, J.
The Vienna Atomic Line Data-Base 610 Piskunov, N. E.; Kupka, F.; Ryabchikova, T. A.; Weiss, W. W.; Jeffery, C. S.
The MOGADOC Database - Easy and Comprehensive Access to Literature of both Laboratory and Astronomical Research 613 Vogt, J.; Vogt, N.; Hutter, W.
The Spectrum of Sirius from 307 to 1040 NM 615 Furenlid, I.; Westin, T.; Kurucz, R. L.
OBITUARY: Ingemar Furenlid 616 Harold A. McAlister; Lars R. Furenlid
Fe II Emission Lines in Stellar Spectra: Archiving and Diagnostics 617 Baratta, G. B.
Future Prospects 623 Griffin, R. E.
Statement 627 Sauval, A. J.; Blomme, R.; Grevasse, N.