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Paper: NIST laboratory program on atomic spectroscopic data for astronomy
Volume: 81, Laboratory and Astronomical High Resolution Spectra
Page: 597
Authors: Martin, W. C.; Dalton, G. R.; Fuhr, J. R.; Kelleher, D. E.; Kramida, A.; Mohr, P. J.; Musgrove, A.; Reader, J.; Saloman, E. B.; Sansonetti, C. J.; Sugar, J.; Wiersma, G. G.; Wiese, W. L.; Zucker, D.; Blaise, J.; Wyart, J.-F.; Eichhorn, G.; Grant, C. S.
Abstract: Our research program includes the observation and energy-level analysis of several heavy-element spectra of astrophysical interest, as well as the experimental determination of transition probabilities for numerous lines of C I, N I, N II, and O II. Current NIST work on critical compilation of atomic spectroscopic data and on electronic databases is also outlined (37 Refs.)
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