Title: Planets Around Pulsars
Volume: 36 Year: 1993 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Phillips, J. A.; Thorsett, Steve E.; Kulkarni, Shri R.
ISBN: 0-937707-55-4 eISBN: 978-1-58381-372-0
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Paper Title Page Authors
PSR 1257 + 12 and its planetary companions 3 Wolszczan, A.
A pulsar timing tutorial and NRAO Green Bank observations of PSR 1257+12 11 Backer, D. C.
Limits on pulsar planetary systems from the Jodrell Bank timimg database 19 Bailes, M.; Lyne, A. G.; Shemar, S. L.
A search for planets in archival timing data - The JPL data set 31 Thorsett, S. E.; Phillips, J. A.; Cordes, J. M.
The detectability of planetary companions to radio pulsars 43 Cordes, James M.
On quasiperiodic variations of pulsars' periods - an alternative to the planetary interpretation of PSR1257+12 61 Dolginov, A. Z.; Stepinski, T. F.
Are there really planets around PSR 1257+12? 71 Gil, J. A.; Jessner, A.
A preliminary analysis of pulse profile stability in PSR 1257+12 81 Kaspi, V. M.; Wolszczan, A.
Orbital dynamics of PSR1257+12 and its two planetary companions 89 Malhotra, Renu
Orbital evolution of the PSR1257+12 planetary system 107 Rasio, Frederic A.; Nicholson, Philip D.; Shapiro, Stuart L.; Teukolsky, Saul A.
Formation and evolution of pulsars 123 van den Heuvel, E. P. J.
Planet formation scenarios 149 Podsiadlowski, Philipp
Planet formation around millisecond pulsars 167 Banit, Menashe; Ruderman, Malvin; Shaham, Jacob
Ordinary planetary systems - Architecture and formation 181 Levy, E. H.
The evolution of protoplanetary disks 197 Ruden, Steven P.
Planetary accretion in circumstellar disks 217 Lissauer, Jack J.; Stewart, Glen R.
Physical properties and evolutionary time scales of disks around solar-type and intermediate mass stars 235 Strom, Stephen E.; Edwards, Suzan
Planets around pulsars - Implications for planetary formation 257 Bodenheimer, Peter
McDonald Observatory Planetary Search - A high precision stellar radial velocity survey for other planetary systems 267 Cochran, William D.; Hatzes, Artie P.
A disk about PSR 1957+20? 275 Fruchter, A. S.
The circumstellar environment of the GG Tauri multiple system 281 Koerner, D. W.; Sargent, A. I.; Beckwith, S. V. W.
The effects of Jovian planets on SiO masers in late-type giant stars 295 Struck-Marcell, Curtis
Dusty debris clouds around main sequence and post-main sequence stars 303 Zuckerman, B.
Planetesimals around nearby millisecond pulsars 317 Chakrabarti, S. K.
Bistatic radar - Reflections from asteroids around pulsars 321 Phillips, J. A.
IRAS sources near the positions of pulsars 327 van Buren, Dave; Terebey, Susan
The distribution of comets around stars 335 Tremaine, Scott
The rotation curve conspiracy and neutron star/asteroid models for Gamma Ray Bursts 345 Salpeter, Edwin E.; Wasserman, Ira
Gamma-ray bursts from planetesimal accretion 355 Woosley, S. E.
The pulsar planet production process 371 Phinney, E. S.; Hansen, B. M. S.