Title: Large-Scale Structures and Peculiar Motions in the Universe
Volume: 15 Year: 1991 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Latham, David W.; da Costa, Luiz A. N.
ISBN: 0-937707-34-1 eISBN: 978-1-58381-351-5
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Paper Title Page Authors
Light and Gravity 1 Lynden-Bell, D.
Possible Relevance of Large Scales on Peculiar Velocities: Do We See Giant Attractors? 13 Scaramella, R.; Balesi-Pillastrini, G.; Chincarini, G.; Vettolani, G.; Zamorani, G.
Large-Scale Structure and the Great Attractor 19 Dressler, A.
Distances and Peculiar Velocities of Clusters in Centaurus 31 Lucey, J. R.; Lahav, O.; Lynden-Bell, D.; Terlevich, R. J.; Melnick, J.
The Components of the CBR Motion of the Local Group as Interpreted from the Peculiar Motions of Galaxies 39 Burstein, D.
The Peculiar Velocity Field Predicted from the Distribution of IRAS Galaxies 53 Strauss, M. A.; Davis, M.
Mapping Large-Scale Flows in Three Dimensions: Method 67 Bertschinger, E.; Dekel, A.
Mapping Large-Scale Flows in Three Dimensions: Application 83 Dekel, A.; Bertschinger, E.
Large-Scale Peculiar Velocities and Gravitational Clustering 103 Kashlinsky, A.
Reconstructing the Density Field from Peculiar Velocities: A Maximum Probability Technique 111 Kaiser, N.; Stebbins, A.
A New Method for Three-Dimensional Hydrodynaniic N-Body Simulations of Large-Scale Cosmological Flows 119 Shapiro, P.; Kang, H.; Villumsen, J. V.
On Determining the D - Log sigma Relation for Elliptical Galaxies using Red CCD Images 129 Wegner, G.; Davies, R. L.; Colless, M.; Burstein, D.; Bertschinger, E.; McMahan, R. K.
Nearby Redshift Surveys 135 da Costa, L. N.; Pellegrini, P. S.
CfA Redshift Surveys 143 Huchra, J. P.; Geller, M. J.
Interconnections between Voids and Other Problems Addressed by Using Available Southern Redshifts 149 Fairall, A. P.; Maurellis, A.; Jones, A.; Kauffmann, G.; Matravers, B.; Ellis, G. F. R.
Galaxy Formation in Voids 157 Villumsen, J. V.
The Distribution of over 2000 Galaxies in the Zone of Avoidance near Hydra 165 Kraan-Korteweg, R. C.
Topology of Large-Scale Structure: Recent Results 173 Gott, J. R., III
Some Interesting Properties of the Galaxy Distribution 181 Lambas, D. G.; Muriel, H.
Theory of Adhesion for Large-Scale Structure 189 Shandarin, S.
N-Body Simulations with Non@aussian Initial Conditions 205 Lucehin, F.; Matarrese, S.; Messina, A.; Moscardini, L.
Correlations of Two Million Galaxies 213 Maddox, S. J.; Sutherland, W. J.; Efstathiou, G.; Loveday, J.
The reality of large-scale filamentary structure in the Lick map 225 Smith, R. M.; Frenk, C. S.; Maddox, S. J.; Plionis, M.
Comparing the Abell and ACO Catalogs of Rich Clusters of Galaxies 233 Olowin, R. P.
Automatic Galaxy Cluster Catalogs 239 Sutherland, W.; Maddox, S. J.; Efstathiou, G.
Large Shapes of Voids at Late Times 245 Matravers, D. R.; Maurellis, A.
Cluster-Cluster Correlations 251 Primack, J. R.; Olivier, Scot; Blumenthal, G. R.; Dekel, A.
N-Point Correlation Amplitudes from the Lick Catalog 265 Szapudi, I.; Szalay, A. S.; Boschan, P.
On the Kinematical Behavior of Galaxies in Clusters 275 Sodre, L., Jr.; Capelato, H. V.; Steiner, J. E.; Mazure, A.
Redshifts of a thousand Abell Clusters 279 Andernach, H.
Real and Imaginary Clusters 285 White, S. D. M.
QSO's Metal-Absorption Lines 299 Viegas-Aldrovandi, S. M.; Gruenwald, R. B.
Segregation, Proto-galaxy and Peculiar Motions 303 Giovanelli, R.
Possible Large-Scale Structures in the Universe 317 Triay, R.
Domain Walls and Large-Scale Structure 327 Ryden, B. S.
String Production as a Result of Thermal Fluctuations 333 Marques, G.
Generation of Non-Flat and Non-Gaussian Perturbations from Inflation 339 Kofman, L.; Blumenthal, G. R.; Hodges, H.; Primack, J. R.
Primordial Generation of Non-Gaussian Adiabatic Perturbations 353 Matarrese, S.; Lucchin, F.; Ortolan, A.
A Disk with String-Like Properties 361 Lemos, J.
The First Stars 365 de Araujo, J. C. N.; Opher, R.
A Million Mpc3Chunk of the Universe 371 Loveday, J.; Peterson, B. A.; Efstathiou, G.; Maddox, S. J.
Catalog of Radial Velocities of Galaxies: the Updated Version 375 Palumbo, G. C.; Vettolani, G.; Baiesi-Piilastrini, G.; Fairall, A. P.
Southern Redshift Catalogs and Plots 377 Fairall, A. P.; Jones, A.
Workshop Summary 379 Davis, M.