Title: The Evolution of the Interstellar Medium
Volume: 12 Year: 1990 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Blitz, Leo
ISBN: 0-937707-31-7 eISBN: 978-1-58381-348-5
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Paper Title Page Authors
The three phase model of the interstellar medium - Where does it stand now? 3 McKee, Christopher F.
Properties of the ISM - Gas in the halo 33 Savage, Blair D.
Dense gas in the Galaxy 49 Scoville, N. Z.
Interstellar dust and extinction 63 Mathis, John S.
The high-energy component of the ISM - Cosmic rays and gamma rays 79 Bloemen, Hans
The roles of cosmic rays in interstellar dynamics 99 Hartquist, T. W.
Turbulent stripping of interstellar clouds by interaction with supernova remnants 117 Klein, Richard I.; Colella, Philip; McKee, Christopher F.
Winds from hot stars 137 Bieging, John H.
The total rate of mass return to the interstellar medium from red giants and planetary nebulae 151 Knapp, G. R.; Rauch, K. P.; Wilcots, E. M.
Photodissociation regions 167 Hollenbach, David J.
Bipolar outflows - Evolutionary and global considerations 183 Rodriguez, Luis F.
Evolution of interstellar dust 193 Draine, Bruce T.
The chemistry of the diffuse interstellar gas 207 van Dishoeck, Ewine F.
Evolution of the chemistry in dense clouds 229 Ziurys, Lucy M.
Theories of molecular cloud formation 247 Elmegreen, Bruce G.
The evolution of galactic giant molecular clouds 273 Blitz, Leo
Formation of high mass stars 291 Welch, Wm. J.
Observational Constraints on an Embedded Cloud Model for the Soft X-ray Diffuse Background 303 Burrows, D. N.
Probing the ISM with Neutron Stars 305 Hartmann, Dieter
Low Frequency Observations of Galactic SNRS and the Distribution of Low Density Ionized Gas in the ISM 307 Kassim, Namir E.
Far-IR Observations of the N/O Ratio in Interstellar Gas 311 Simpson, J. P.; Colgan, S. W. J.; Erickson, E. F.; Haas, M. R.; Rubin, R. H.
IRAS Observations of a Large Circumstellar Dust Shell Around W Hydrae 313 Hawkins, George W.
High Resolution 12CO (J=1->0) Observations of NGC 7027 315 Wilner, David J.; Bieging, John H.; Thronson, Harley A., Jr.
Synthesis Observations of J=1->0 HCO+ In DR21 317 Garden, Rognvald P.; Grolemund, Dan; Carlstrom, John
The 3.3 Micron Feature, H2, and Ionized Gas in the Orion Bar 321 Sellgren, S.; Tokunaga, A. T.; Nakada, Y.
Observations of the Galactic Plane by the Zodiacal Infrared Project 323 Rickard, L. J.; Stemwedel, S. W.; Price, S. D.
Stars and Interstellar Matter in Ophiuchus/Scorpius 325 de Ceus, E. J.
High Spectral and Spatial Resolution Imaging of the Shock Waves in Orion 327 Burton, Michael; Bland, Joss; Axon, D.; Brand, P.; Carden, R.; Ceballe, T.; Hollenbach, D.; Hough, J.; McLean, L.; Moorhouse, A.
Galactic Structure in the Fourth Quadrant Deduced from Interstellar Lines, H II Regions, and Molecular Hydrogen 329 Rickard, J. J.
Comparison of NH3 and CS Distribution in NGC 2071 331 Zhou, Shudong; Evans, Neal J., II; Mundy, Lee C.
Methanol Masers and Star Formation: VLA Observations of the NGC 6334 Region 333 Menten, K. M.; Reid, M. J.
Stellar Mass Loss Rates in Magellanic Cloud Stars 335 Garmany, Catharine D.
Diffuse Ionized Gas in the Andromeda Galaxy 337 Walterbos, Rene A. M.; Braun, Robert
Dense Gas in the Starburst Galaxy NGC 253 339 Carlstrom, J. E.
High Resolution Observations of NGC 7538 IRS 1 343 Pratap, Preethi; Batrla, Wolfgang; Snyder, Lewis
Evolution of a Superbubble Blastwave in a Magnetized Medium 345 Ferriere, Katia M.; Zweibel, Ellen C.; MacLow, Mordecai-Mark