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Paper: Is the Quasar HE 0450−2958 Really Naked?
Volume: 373, The Central Engine of Active Galactic Nuclei
Page: 677
Authors: Kim, M.; Ho, L.C.; Peng, C.Y.; Im, M.
Abstract: A recent study suggests that HE 0450−2958 might be a “naked” quasar, which possibly lacks a host galaxy to a limit substantially fainter than that inferred from the correlation between black hole mass and bulge luminosity. We revisit the issue by performing an independent analysis of the data, using a two-dimensional image fitting technique. To derive an upper limit on the host galaxy luminosity, we perform simulations to deblend the quasar from the host under conditions similar to those actually observed. We find that the host galaxy has an absolute magnitude upper limit of MV ≈ −20 to −21, in good agreement with the previous determination. Since this limit is consistent with the value predicted from the current best estimate of the black hole mass, there is no compelling evidence that the quasar in HE 0450−2958 is truly naked.
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