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Paper: Eddington-limited Starbursts in the Central 10 pc of AGN, and the Torus in NGC1068
Volume: 373, The Central Engine of Active Galactic Nuclei
Page: 639
Authors: Davies, R.; Genzel, R.; Tacconi, L.; Mueller Sanchez, F.; Sternberg, A.
Abstract: We present results from a survey of nearby AGN using the nearinfrared adaptive optics integral-field spectrograph SINFONI. These data enable us to probe the distribution and kinematics of the gas and stars at spatial resolutions as small as 0.085″. We find strong evidence for recent but short-lived starbursts residing in very dense nuclear disks; on scales of less than 10 pc these would have reached Eddington-limited luminosities when active, perhaps accounting for their short duration. In addition, for NGC1068 at a resolution of 6 pc, we present direct observations of molecular gas close around the AGN that we identify with the obscuring torus.
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