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Paper: The X-ray Nature of the LINER Nuclear Sources
Volume: 373, The Central Engine of Active Galactic Nuclei
Page: 542
Authors: Marquez, I.; Gonzalez-Martin, O.; Masegosa, J.; Guerrero, M.A.; Dultzin-Hacyan, D.
Abstract: The analysis of the X-ray data for a sample of 51 LINER nuclei with available X-ray Chandra imaging is reported. Our aim was to investi- gate the physical mechanisms which power LINER nuclear activity. The use of multiwavelenght information at radio, UV, optical HST and X-ray lead us to conclude that at least 60% of the LINERs are hosting a low-luminosity AGN in their nuclei. This percentage may be even higher if the Compton-thickness of some nuclei (mostly with SB-like hard X-ray morphology) is confirmed.
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