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Paper: Uncovering the Active Galactic Nuclei in Low-ionization Nuclear Emission-line Regions with Spitzer
Volume: 373, The Central Engine of Active Galactic Nuclei
Page: 525
Authors: Rupke, D.; Veilleux, S.; Kim, D.-C.; Sturm, E.; Contursi, A.; Lutz, D.; Netzer, H.; Sternberg, A.; Maoz, D.
Abstract: The impact of active galactic nuclei on low-ionization nuclear emission-line regions (LINERs) remains a vigorous field of study. We present preliminary results from a study of the mid-infrared atomic emission lines of LINERs with the Spitzer Space Telescope. We assess the ubiquity and properties of AGN in LINERs using this data. We discuss what powers the midinfrared emission lines and conclude that the answer depends unsurprisingly on the emission-line ionization state and, more interestingly, on the infrared luminosity.
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