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Paper: Silicate Emission in AGN: Emission from the Torus or (and) Extended Emission?
Volume: 373, The Central Engine of Active Galactic Nuclei
Page: 501
Authors: Schweitzer, M.; Lutz, D.; Sturm, E.; Genzel, R.; Veilleux, S.; Rupke, D.; Kim, D.-C.; Baker, A.J.; Groves, B.; Tomono, D.; Netzer, H.; Sternberg, A.
Abstract: Spitzer spectroscopy has recently given a new boost to AGN studies by detecting long-sought silicate emission features in quasars, but it remains uncertain how they can be interpreted in unified scenarios. Hot silicate emission may arise from a compact torus, but the moderate temperature of the actually observed silicate emission and our detection of this feature in QSO- 2s argue for a more extended nature. Support for this comes from our recent detection of extended silicate emission in the low-luminosity LINER NGC 3998 and spectral modelling of our QSO-1 sample.
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