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Paper: The Radio Properties of Type 2 Quasars
Volume: 373, The Central Engine of Active Galactic Nuclei
Page: 479
Authors: Lal, D.V.; Ho, L.C.
Abstract: Quasars (of type 1) are the luminous analogs of type 1 Seyfert galaxies. Within the framework of unified models of active galaxies, the population of quasars of type 2 recently discovered with the Sloan Digital Sky Survey are the luminous analogs of type 2 Seyfert galaxies. Since our knowledge and understanding of the radio properties of these type 2 quasars are very limited, we have performed Very Large Array observations for a sub-sample of such sources. Our detection rate of 61% is consistent with the detection rate for other AGN samples. We do not find a correlation between radio and [O III] λ5007 luminosities for these sources. Although the distribution of spectral indices is similar to that of the 3C sources, the lack of dependence of radio luminosity on [O III] λ5007 luminosity suggests that not all sources in the sample are genuine AGNs.
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