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Paper: GRO J165540: ASCA and XMM-Newton Observations
Volume: 373, The Central Engine of Active Galactic Nuclei
Page: 263
Authors: Zhang, X.-L.; Zhang, S.N.; Sala, G.; Greiner, J.; Feng, Y.; Yao, Y.
Abstract: We have analyzed four ASCA observations (19941995, 19961997) and three XMM-Newton observations (2005) of this source, in all of which the source is in high/soft state. We modeled the continuum spectra with rel- ativistic disk model kerrbb, estimated the spin of the central black hole, and constrained the spectral hardening factor fcol and the distance. If the kerrbb model applies, for normally used value of fcol (1.7), the distance cannot be very small, and fcol changes with observations.
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