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Paper: FIRST “Winged” and “X”-shaped Radio Source Candidates
Volume: 373, The Central Engine of Active Galactic Nuclei
Page: 259
Authors: Cheung, C.C.; Springman, A.
Abstract: A small number of double-lobed radio galaxies are found with an additional pair of extended low surface brightness “wings” of emission giving them a distinctive “X”-shaped appearance. One popular explanation for the unusual morphologies posits that the central supermassive black hole/accretion disk system underwent a recent realignment; in a merger scenario, the active lobes mark the post-merger axis of the resultant system (e.g., Merritt & Ekers 2002). However, this and other interpretations are not well tested on the few (about one dozen) known examples. In part to remedy this deficiency, a large sample of winged and X-shaped radio sources is being compiled for a systematic study. An initial sample of 100 new candidates is described as well as some of the follow-up work being pursued to test the different scenarios.
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