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Paper: Observations of the Blazar OJ 287, 19571974: Further Evidence for the Precessing Binary Black Hole Model
Volume: 373, The Central Engine of Active Galactic Nuclei
Page: 243
Authors: Rampadarath, H.; Valtonen, M.J.; Saunders, R.
Abstract: Digitized photographic plates from the Sonneberg Observatory were used to obtain V magnitudes of OJ 287 for the interval 19571974. These data were compared with three distinct binary black hole models of OJ 287, one with a constant period, and two with precessing orbits 937.5 and 38.8 degrees per period). Our data agree best with the 38.8 degrees precession model. From this we predict that the next outburst will be on September 16, 2007, which will provide indirect evidence for the emission of gravitational radiation from the system.
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