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Paper: Unusual Radio BAL Quasar 1624 + 3758
Volume: 373, The Central Engine of Active Galactic Nuclei
Page: 201
Authors: Benn, C.; Carballo, R.; Holt, J.; Vigotti, M.; Gonzalez-Serrano, J.I.; Mack, K.-H.; Perley, R.A.
Abstract: Quasar 1624+3758 is the most radio-luminous BAL quasar known. It has several unusual properties: (1) the radio rotation measure, 18350 rad m−2, is the second-highest known for any quasar; (2) the Fe II UV191 λ1787 emission line is very prominent; and (3) the BAL trough is detached by 21000 km s−1. The observed properties of the quasar are more consistent with it being intrinsically unusual than with it being viewed at an unusual orientation.
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