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Paper: Possible Gamma-ray Emission in Blazar 3C 345
Volume: 373, The Central Engine of Active Galactic Nuclei
Page: 197
Authors: Bai, J.-M.; Zhao, X.; Zhang, Y.H.
Abstract: We argue that the dominant emission region of 3C 345 jet is outside the broad-line region. Thus, the soft photon field in the emission region is mainly contributed by IR emission from dust torus. We model the spectral energy distribution of 3C 345 in the high state with the synchrotron process of relativistic electrons at low energies and inverse-Comptom scattering off IR photon at high energies. Our calculations show that the gamma-ray emission of 3C 345 peaks at about 28 MeV with a steep spectrum at GeV energies, and that the gamma-ray flux with photon energy over 30 MeV is smaller than the EGRET sensitivity but greater than the GLAST sensitivity.
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