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Paper: Broad-band Spectral Properties of Blazars
Volume: 373, The Central Engine of Active Galactic Nuclei
Page: 169
Authors: Boettcher, M.
Abstract: Blazars are the most violent non-transient sources of high-energy gamma-ray emission in the known Universe. They are prominent emitters of electromagnetic radiation throughout the entire electromagnetic spectrum. This review starts out with a general overview of the phenomenology of blazars, including results from a recent multiwavelength observing campaign on 3C 279. Subsequently, issues of modelling broad-band spectra will be discussed. Spectral information alone is not sufficient to distinguish between competing models and to constrain essential parameters, in particular related to the primary particle acceleration and radiation mechanisms in the jet. Short-term spectral variability information may help to break such model degeneracies, which will require snapshot spectral information on intraday time scales, which may soon be achievable for many blazars even in the gamma-ray regime with the upcoming GLAST mission and current advances in Atmospheric Cherenkov Telescope technology.
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