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Paper: On the X-ray Baldwin Effect for the Narrow Fe Kα Emission Line
Volume: 373, The Central Engine of Active Galactic Nuclei
Page: 143
Authors: Jiang, P.; Wang, J.-X.; Wang, T.-G.
Abstract: We build a large AGN sample with narrow FeK line measurements by combining the archival Chandra HETG observations of 34 type 1 AGNs with XMM-Newton observations in literature. We find a similar X-ray Baldwin effect as reported earlier by Page et al. in the sample; however, we note that the anti-correlation is dominated by the radio-loud AGN in the sample, whose X-ray spectra might be contaminated by the relativistic jet. Excluding the radio-loud AGN, we find a much weaker anti-correlation. We present Monte Carlo simulations showing that such a weak anti-correlation can be attributed to the relative short time scale variations of the X-ray continuum.
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