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Paper: Disk Truncation in AGN: The Influence of Viscosity
Volume: 373, The Central Engine of Active Galactic Nuclei
Page: 137
Authors: Niu, Q.; Liu, B.F.
Abstract: We use the disk-corona model (Meyer et al. 2000a) to investigate how the viscosity affects the truncation of the disk in low-luminosity AGN (LLAGN) and hard/soft spectral state transitions in AGN. Previous stud- ies (Meyer-Hofmeister & Meyer 2001) show that the corona structure depends strongly on the value of viscosity. We attempt to do detailed calculations of the coronal structure for a series of viscous coefficients. We give an analytical fitting formula for the maximal mass evaporation rate as a function of the viscosity α. The corresponding truncation radius is also fitted as a function of the viscosity. Our results may improve the interpretation of spectral transition between soft and hard states, and the truncation radius in LLAGN.
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