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Paper: The Fundamental Plane Relationship of Astrophysical Black Holes
Volume: 373, The Central Engine of Active Galactic Nuclei
Page: 45
Authors: Wang, R.; Wu, X.-B.; Kong, M.-Z.
Abstract: We derived the black hole fundamental plane relationship among the 1.4 GHz radio luminosity (Lr), 0.1–2.4 keV X-ray luminosity (LX), and black hole mass (MBH) from a uniform broad-line SDSS AGN sample. We found in our sample that the fundamental plane relation has a very weak dependence on the black hole mass, and a tight correlation also exists between the Eddington luminosity-scaled X-ray and radio luminosities for the radio-quiet subsample. In addition, we noticed that the radio-quiet and radio-loud AGNs have different power-law slopes in the radio–X-ray nonlinear relationship.
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