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Paper: A Progress Update for the COronal Solar Magnetism Observatory for Coronal and Chromospheric Polarimetry
Volume: 489, Solar Polarization 7
Page: 323
Authors: de Wijn, A. G.; Tomczyk, S.; Burkepile, J.
Abstract: We present a progress update for the COronal Solar Magnetism Observatory (COSMO), consisting of a suite of three instruments: a large-aperture coronagraph for coronal magnetometry, a full-disk imaging spectro-polarimeter for magnetometry and plasma diagnostics of the chromosphere and prominences, and a white-light coronagraph to observe the K-corona. COSMO will provide unique observations of the global coronal magnetic fields and its environment to enhance the value of data collected by other observatories on the ground and in space. We provide an overview of COSMO, and discuss each instrument in some detail.
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