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Paper: Fast Solar Polarimeter: Description and First Results
Volume: 489, Solar Polarization 7
Page: 271
Authors: Feller, A.; Iglesias, F. A.; Nagaraju, K.; Solanki, S. K.; Ihle, S.
Abstract: We are developing a novel fast solar imaging polarimeter with an emphasis on significantly increased polarimetric accuracy and high spatial resolution. The instrument is based on a fast pnCCD sensor and shall work at frame rates of up to 400 fps, which suppresses spurious polarization signals induced by external disturbances such as atmospheric turbulence or jitter. The much higher polarimetric accuracy that can be achieved with the new instrument is in particular expected to extend studies of the enigmatic small-scale magnetic field in the quiet Sun, and of chromospheric magnetic fields. Here we will report on some key concepts of the polarimeter, and on first results obtained with an evaluation model at the spectrograph of the Vacuum Tower Telescope on Tenerife.
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