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Paper: Inferring Depth-Dependent Quiet Sun Magnetic Fields
Volume: 489, Solar Polarization 7
Page: 157
Authors: Milić, I.; Faurober, M,
Abstract: Hanle effect has an invaluable diagnostic value, allowing us to diagnose weak solar magnetic fields from the measure of the depolarization of lines formed in scattering processes. Here we consider two molecular lines which have been studied in the last decade: MgH and C2 lines. Different studies invoke different strengths of the magnetic fields, ranging from ≈ 10 to ≈ 100 Gauss. We try to simultaneously explain all this results with the assumption of depth-dependent magnetic field with large depth gradient. Our inversion method, which relies on the inversion of the center-to-limb variation (CLV) of line-center polarization, can simultaneously explain observed CLV in MgH and C2 lines, but yields very strong gradient of the magnetic field strength. We conclude that a possible way to make this kind of diagnostics more reliable is to combine it with multidimensional modeling of Hanle effect in molecular and atomic lines.
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