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Paper: Measuring Uncertainties in the Hinode X-Ray Telescope
Volume: 456, The Fifth Hinode Science Meeting
Page: 241
Authors: Kobelski, A.; Saar, S.; McKenzie, D. E.; Weber, M.; Reeves, K.; DeLuca, E.
Abstract: We have developed estimates of the systematic photometric uncertainties the X-Ray Telescope (Kano et al. (2008)) on Hinode (Kosugi et al.(2007)). These estimates are included as optional returns from the standard XRT data reduction software, Included in the software estimates are uncertainties from instrument vignetting, dark current subtraction, split bias leveling, fourier filtering and JPEG compression. We show that these uncertainties are generally smaller than the photon counting uncertainty. However, due to the reliance on assumptions of plasma radiation models and elemental abundances, photon counting is not included in the software.
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