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Paper: Physical Parameters of a Blowout Jet Observed by HINODE and STEREO/EUVI
Volume: 456, The Fifth Hinode Science Meeting
Page: 219
Authors: Pucci, S.; Poletto, G.; Sterling, A.; Romoli, M.
Abstract: The present work aims at identifying a typical blowout jet and inferring its physical parameters. To this end, we present a preliminary multi-instrument analysis of the bright X-ray jet that occurred in the north polar coronal hole on Nov. 3, 2007, at 11:50 UT. The jet shows the typical characteristics of “blowout jets'' (Moore et al. 2010), and was observed by Hinode/X-Ray Telescope (XRT) and by Stereo/Extreme UltraViolett Imager (EUVI) and COR1. Temperatures and Emission Measures (EMs) of the jet have been derived from the EUVI A data via the filter ratio technique in the pre-event, near maximum and in the post-maximum phases. Temperatures and EMs inferred from EUVI data are then used to calculate the predicted XRT Al-poly intensity: predicted values are compared with observed values and found to be consistent.
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