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Paper: Observational Evidence for Interaction Between X-ray Jets and Multiple Bright Points
Volume: 456, The Fifth Hinode Science Meeting
Page: 217
Authors: Pucci, S.; Poletto, G.; Sterling, A.; Romoli, M.
Abstract: The Hinode X-ray telescope (XRT) observed in November 2007 the Northen polar Coronal Hole (CH) over extended time periods. Among these we selected two 20 hours long time intervals and carried out a photometric analysis of several X-ray Bright Points (BPs), within a selected area, aiming at ascertaining whether there is any correlation between the BPs intensity fluctuations and the occurrence of jets originating within this area. Our results indicate that jets result from magnetic connectivity changes that also produced BP variability: the interaction between BPs and jets may be interpreted as the small scale version of the Active Regions phenomena where flares and eruptions are initiated by interacting bipoles.
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