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Paper: Coronal Rotation from XBPs Observed with Hinode/XRT
Volume: 456, The Fifth Hinode Science Meeting
Page: 207
Authors: Kariyappa, R.; DeLuca, E.
Abstract: We have selected a large number of X-ray bright points (XBPs) over synoptic soft X-ray full-disk images observed using Al-Mesh with X-Ray Telescope (XRT) onboard the Hinode spacecraft during July-December, 2008. We have analyzed the full-disk images using SSW in IDL. We used the tracer method to identify and trace the passage of XBPs over the solar disc with the help of overlaying grids. We also obtained the position (Latitude and Longitude), size & brightness information for XBPs using tracer method as a function of time and thus calculated sidereal angular rotation rate of corona at different latitudes. We have compared the rotation rate with latitude, size and brightness of XBPs. We found that the corona rotates differentially and it appears that the larger XBPs show a lower sidereal angular rotation rate, the smaller XBPs exhibit higher rotation rate, similar to sunspots.
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