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Paper: Spectral Diagnostics of Flare and AR Plasma Based on EUV Spectra from the SPIRIT Spectroheliograph Aboard CORONAS-F
Volume: 456, The Fifth Hinode Science Meeting
Page: 177
Authors: Shestov, S.; Kuzin, S.; Bogachev, S.; Reva, A.
Abstract: SPIRIT spectroheliograph aboard CORONAS-F satellite operated on orbit from Aug 2001 to Dec 2005. The spectroheliograph consisted of two similar channels, for 176–207 Å and 280–330 Å, each channel was built on slitless optical scheme with grazing incidence diffraction grating. During the CORONAS-F mission the spectroheliograph registered several dozens of extreme solar flares. We developed a method of the spectroheliograph data interpretation, which is based on spectrum modelling. We investigated spectrum of X3.4 flare of 28th Dec 2001 and analyzed spectral line intensities and DEM. Accuracy of experiment/theory ratio of line intensities is about a factor of 2. Some systematic discrepancies have been found.
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