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Paper: Current Sheet and Reconnection Inflow-Outflow Observations During Solar Eruptions
Volume: 456, The Fifth Hinode Science Meeting
Page: 169
Authors: Savage, S. L.; Holman, G.; Reeves, K. K.; Seaton, D. B.; McKenzie, D. E.; Su, Y.
Abstract: Magnetic reconnection is widely accepted as being associated with energy release during solar flares; however, observations of it have been indirect and/or incomplete. Using the suite of instruments available spanning wavelength space, we provide observations and measurements of both the inputs and outputs predicted from reconnection in the form of inflows preceding outflows (i.e. supra-arcade downflows, supra-arcade downflowing loops, upflows, and disconnection events). We also present evidence for current sheets through which reconnection is expected to occur and discuss current sheet motion during flare progression.
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