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Paper: Coronal Mass Ejections as a Result of Magnetic Helicity Accumulation
Volume: 456, The Fifth Hinode Science Meeting
Page: 145
Authors: Zhang, M.
Abstract: Coronal mass ejections (CMEs) are a major form of solar activity. A CME takes away a body of plasma from the low corona into the solar wind and disturbs the near-Earth space if the CME is earth-directed. Here we summarize our understandings and reasoning that lead us to conclude that CMEs are the unavoidable products of magnetic helicity accumulation in the corona. Our study puts the formation of magnetic flux ropes and the occurrences of CME eruptions as the natural results of coronal evolution. Our study also gives insights into the observed associations of CME eruptions with surface field variations such as flux emergences. Application of these understandings to space weather prediction is also briefly addressed.
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