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Paper: Slow-Mode Oscillations of Hot Loops Excited at Flaring Footpoints
Volume: 456, The Fifth Hinode Science Meeting
Page: 127
Authors: Wang, T.; Liu, W.; Ofman, L.; Davila, J.
Abstract: The analysis of a hot loop oscillation event using SOHO/SUMER, GOES SXI, and RHESSI observations is presented. Damped Doppler shift oscillations were detected in the Fe xix line by SUMER, and interpreted as a fundamental standing slow mode. The evolution of soft X-ray emission from GOES/SXI and hard X-ray sources from RHESSI suggests that the oscillations of a large loop are triggered by a small flare, which may be produced by interaction (local reconnection) of this large loop with a small loop at its footpoint. This study provides clear evidence supporting our early conjecture that the slow-mode standing waves in hot coronal loops are excited by impulsive heating (small or microflares) at the loop's footpoint.
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