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Paper: Spontaneous Pore Formation in Magneto-Convection Simulations
Volume: 456, The Fifth Hinode Science Meeting
Page: 39
Authors: Stein, R.; Nordlund, A.
Abstract: Pores form spontaneously in simulations of minimaly structured (uniform, untwisted, horizontal) magnetic field emerging from a depth of 20 Mm in a 48 Mm wide domain. The input field strength at the bottom was slowly increased from 200 G to 1 kG with an e-folding time of 5 hours and thereafter held constant. After about a turnover time (2 days) pores formed. The pore's magnetic concentration first developed near the surface when magnetic loops passed into the solar atmosphere (through the upper boundary at the temperature minimum) leaving behind their vertical legs. The magnetic concentration then extended downward all the way to the bottom at 20 Mm depth. The minimum intensity in the pore is 20% of the average intensity. The magnetic flux has reached about 2×1020 Mx and the field is nearly vertical in the pore interior and inclined more than 45o to the vertical at the edges. The pores have existed for 10 hours so far.
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