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Paper: High Spatial Resolution Spectral-Energy-Distributions of Radio-Quiet vs Radio-Loud AGN: Some Similarities
Volume: 427, Accretion and Ejection in AGN: a Global View
Page: 383
Authors: Prieto, M. A.
Abstract: We present high spatial resolution SEDs, on the scales of a few tens of parsec, of some of the nearest and most well known, radio-quiet AGN. The new SEDs are found to largely depart, in shape and bolometric luminosity, from those compiled from large aperture IR satellite data. Type 1 and 2 radio quiet AGN can clearly be identified by the overall shape presented in these new SEDs. The comparison of these with that of the radio loud prototype 3C 273 reveals however major differences with type 2 radio quiet objects at almost any wavelength but some similarities with type 1s, mainly in the optical and the X-rays. A major difference arises however in the mid- to far- IR between the two groups, which we ascribe to two effects: a lower dust content and a cleaner line of sight to the AGN in radio-loud objects. The complete study is presented in Prieto et al. (2009).
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