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Paper: Optical/UV/X-ray Insights into the RL–RQ Dichotomy
Volume: 427, Accretion and Ejection in AGN: a Global View
Page: 371
Authors: Sulentic, J.; Zamfir, S.; Marziani, P.
Abstract: We explore the relationship between radio-loud (RL) and radio-quiet (RQ) quasars using a set of optical/UV/X-ray measures that are quite independent of radio measures. We find RL sources to show larger average FWHM Hβ, weaker FeII emission, no soft X-ray excess and no CIV blueshift–all characteristics manifested by a large fraction of RQ quasars (that we call Population A). We find that log L1.4Ghz =31.6 ergs s-1 Hz-1 (or R=70) is the lower limit for RL quasars showing FRII morphology. We find no evidence for a hidden FRII population below this level. We conclude that RL sources are a distinct quasar population that may also include 30-40% of RQ sources which apparently show similar geometry and kinematics (what we call Population B). This RQ overlap, if not coincidental, may include inactive RL quasars as well as quasars with geometry/kinematics similar to RL sources but where RL activity is inhibited in some way (e.g. host morphology, BH spin).
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