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Paper: Birth and Evolution of Radio Galaxies
Volume: 427, Accretion and Ejection in AGN: a Global View
Page: 337
Authors: Kapińska, A. D.; Uttley, P.; Kaiser, C. R.
Abstract: FRII radio galaxies are relatively simple systems which can be used to determine the influence of jets on their environments. Even simple analytical models of FRII evolution can link the observed lobe luminosities and sizes to fundamental properties such as jet power and density of the ambient medium; these are crucial for understanding AGN feedback. However, due to strong flux selection effects interpreting FRII samples is not straightforward. To overcome this problem we construct Monte Carlo simulations to create artificial samples of radio galaxies. We explore jet power and external density distributions by using them as the simulation input parameters. Further, we compute radio luminosity functions and fit them to the observed data, that cover redshifts up to z 2. This allows us to find the most plausible distributions of FRIIs’ fundamental properties, but also to set more precise limits on the size cut-off and to discuss the possibility of FRII evolution into FRI objects.
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