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Paper: AGN Astrophysics via Multi-Frequency Monitoring of γ-ray Blazars in the Fermi-GST Era
Volume: 427, Accretion and Ejection in AGN: a Global View
Page: 289
Authors: Angelakis, E.; Angelakis, E.; Fuhrmann, L.; Zensus, J. A.; Nestoras, I.; Marchili, N.; Krichbaum, T. P.; Ungerechts, H.; Max-Moerbeck, W.; Pavlidou, V.; Pearson, T. J.; Readhead, A. C. S.; Richards, J. L.; Stevenson, M. A.
Abstract: The F-GAMMA-project is the coordinated effort of several observatories to understand the AGN phenomenon and specifically blazars via multi-frequency monitoring in collaboration with the Fermi-GST satellite since January 2007. The core observatories are: the Effelsberg 100-m, the IRAM 30-m and the OVRO 40-m telescope covering the range between 2.6 and 270 GHz. Effelsberg and IRAM stations do a monthly monitoring of the cm to sub-mm radio spectra of 60 selected blazars whereas the OVRO telescope is observing roughly 1200 objects at 15 GHz with a dense sampling of 2 points per week. The calibration uncertainty even at high frequencies, is of a few percent. 47% of the Effelsberg/Pico Veleta sample is included in the LBAS list. An update of the monitored sample is currently underway.
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