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Paper: MAGIC Observations of AGNs: Scientific Highlights
Volume: 427, Accretion and Ejection in AGN: a Global View
Page: 235
Authors: Mazin, D. for the MAGIC collaboration
Abstract: The MAGIC telescope, located on the Canary Island of La Palma, explores the universe in γ-rays with energies from 50-60 GeV up to tens of TeV. Roughly 40% of the MAGIC duty cycle is devoted to observation of active galactic nuclei (AGNs), in which supermassive black holes are believed to be responsible for particle acceleration. By measuring of γ-rays from these sources one can study non-thermal processes in plasma jets and fundamental properties of the black holes as well as questions of the general physics and cosmology. In this paper, we present highlights of MAGIC observations of AGNs in the last two years. We also discuss physics consequences of the new discoveries concerning the production site of VHE γ-rays in M87, the emission mechanism of γ-rays in Mrk 421, limits on the quantum gravity scale from a flare in Mrk 501, and limits on the VHE γ-ray horizon derived from the energy spectrum of 3C 279.
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